Anyone Can Create A Zero Waste Home and Save Big Being Less Trashy

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home


Why not enjoy the health, economic and environmental benefits of creating a zero waste home? Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a zero waste home. Especially you and your family.

Ok, I admit creating a zero waste home is unattainable for many people. Actual zero waste is not the goal. The benefits that are realized during the attempt creating a zero waste home is what we seek.

There are true health, economic and environmental benefits that are very easy to obtain.

Just practice the simple tips I use to enjoy the benefits of almost creating a zero waste home provides. LOL. Give this process a try. Reaching these goals is less painful than most people think.

Creating a zero waste home is not painful at all. All you have to do is be less trashy 😉.




Zero Waste Home Being Less Trashy

Creating less trash is the foundation for creating a zero waste home. Follow these tips I use to become less trashy on your path to reaching your zero waste home goal.

Cook More Meals

Cooking more of your own meals saves waste. Restaurant and fast food waste in The United States are alarming. Try not to contribute to the problem, save money and create healthier meals.

Buy In Bulk

Bulk buys create less waste and will save you money. Be careful not to purchase too much. Be cognizant of shelf life and storage issues. You don’t want to accidentally create more waste.

De-clutter your Cleaning Supplies

Do you really need a different cleaner for every surface and item you own? NO! Try to incorporate natural cleaning supplies. They have multiple uses and clean multiple surfaces. This will also help create less trash.

Edit Traditional Mail

Use online bill pay and decline paper bills by mail when possible. Ask your letter carrier not to deliver junk mail (this works sometimes). Try these services to limit junk mail , and


Reuse and don’t buy new when possible. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Many people have a draw in their kitchen filled with empty plastic shopping bags. A few reusable bags will eliminate that draw and free up space in your kitchen.

Exchange disposables for reusables whenever possible. Cloth rags and napkins instead of paper towels, bottles and the like.

Swap disposables for reusables (start using handkerchiefs, refillable bottles, reusable bags, cloth napkins, rags, etc.). You might find that you don’t miss your paper towels, but rather enjoy the savings

Avoid Freebies

Free does not always equate to good. We seem to pre-wired to jump at a free offer, whether we need it or not. Do you really need the free stuff given at conferences, fairs, and other gatherings? No! Where will you put it?

Other Zero Waste Home Tips

Now that the heavy lifting is done and you are creating less trash use some of these tips to help propel you down the path to creating a zero waste home.

Declutter Your Home

You can’t be successful on your journey to create a zero waste home if your home is filled with clutter. Use these Home Decluttering Tips or create a decluttering system that will work for you and stick with it.

Kitchen Composting

Composting? Yeah, I know but it works. Try these Kitchen Compost Solutions to find one that will work for you and your family. Composting will get rid of tremendous amounts of waste and convert it into something more useful.

Composting is practical and will get rid more than the usual suspects like food waste. You can toss in things like dryer lint, hair and other waste you believe is biodegradable.

Shopping Habits

Shop less. Only buy what you need. Be mindful of packaging. Experts believe bringing reusable bags and only shopping the perimeter of the grocery store (produce, deli, bakery) to skip the processed, packaged foods will lessen the waste you bring home.

Rally The Troops

Get family and friends involved in your journey to creating a zero waste home. You will need their support to be successful and they all will benefit the more successful you are. Get everyone you know to learn, help and change behaviors.


I am new to this zero waste home idea and in no way am I an expert. These are some of the tips that work for me. I am sure I am missing a lot. I would love to learn more tips and tricks. Please let me know what I may be missing and what works for you.

I love achieving ever-increasing success towards reaching my zero waste home goals. I am enjoying true health, economic and environmental benefits striving to create a zero waste home.



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One thought on “Anyone Can Create A Zero Waste Home and Save Big Being Less Trashy”

  1. Great article, Tony – I really relate to your goals, if not to actually attaining them. My wife is my favorite person, but she is a challenge in the zero waste space. Her dad had a janitorial business when she was a kid, and she is wired to see trash as a profit center. She finds joy in filling the can.
    With that in mind, let me make a practical suggestion. When there is durable packing material that you must deal with, look for ways to re-use it. There are often many fun projects that can start with that throw-away bottle, bag or mailing tube. I use the heck out of this stuff.

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