Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Review

Numinous Packs GlobePacs

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack


Since I have become a simple living minimalist I walk and take public transportation more. I am looking for an Anti-Theft Travel Backpack to travel light and carry my gadgets with me where I go.

Not traveling the world much but traversing the New York and New Jersey can give that impression as you frequently encounter many cultures happily coexisting together.

I will be looking at Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks. This article will be evaluating their quality, construction, usefulness, and anti-theft abilities.

When traveling in the urban jungle of the NYC area using almost every form of transposition known to man. I will be walking, hiking, biking, using trains, buses, automobiles, rickshaw, and the occasional ferry.

I am choosing this brand of backpacks for their anti-theft capabilities. In the New York City area, you cannot be caught sleeping on safety and security. Theft can be a common problem in many places in the world.

You must beware of pickpockets and the like many places you travel to. It only takes seconds to become a victim of some sought of theft, scam, or loss.

In my travels, I will be subject to surprise military-style police checkpoints on the NYC subway to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoints at Liberty State Park in Jersey City New Jersey.

This bag will be taken through its paces in the urban jungle and the open spaces of the area.


Product Name: Anti-Theft Travel Daypack, 25 Liter

Price: $149.00

Manufacturer: Numinous Packs






Numinous Packs offers a unique layered system of multiple anti-theft technologies to help in securing personal belongings. The GlobePacs Travel Daypack is constructed of an anti-slash material that helps the bag resists being cut open.

There is a built-in, retractable wire cable that allows you to attach the bag to a fixed object with a dual combination lock to prevent theft.

All main zippers feature anti-puncture technology that resistant intrusion from pens or tools. The Numinous GlobePacs also features the TSA-approved TravelSentry override system that allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect, and relock bags without damaging the lock. The bag has a padded laptop compartment, mesh side pockets, and padded lumbar support with an airflow system to aid comfort.

The GlobePacs Daypack is also compatible with larger GlobePacks bags. Dimensions 18 x 6 x 12 inches; weight 2lbs.

The Numinous packs are loaded with the latest Anti-theft technology to help protect those important travel documents and belongings. According to a recent survey, we all carry over $1000 worth of electronics and technology devices when traveling.

This Pack offers lengthwise opening and interior large organizer pockets. This allows you to open up your backpack like a suitcase to get quick access to any particular item easily without having to stand the backpack in the upright position.

The Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is well constructed with quality components. Pockets, zippers, materials, and locks are of high quality. This backpack should give years if not a lifetime of service.


Numinous Packs GlobePacs



  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Kevlar anti-slash fabric construction
  • Padded lumbar support and airflow system for more comfort
  • Safety whistle
  • TSA approved zip locks
  • Allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect and relock bags without damaging the lock
  • For more information on the Travel Sentry© override system, visit
  • Numinous Shield retractable combination locks so you can lock your bag to a secure to stationary objects
  • Puncture resistant zipper and zipper
  • Mesh side pockets on each side, 2 small ones on the back and one large one on the front
  • You can attach the 25L to the other 55L/65L bags


  • The 25L daypack is a little large but I love the size
  • No pocket or clip for keys
  • No pocket for sunglasses (I lost a pair)
  • The kevlar flap covering the zippers can be annoying at times
  • Too many logos and branding
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Anti-Theft Travel Backpack


Who Is This Anti-Theft Travel Backpack For?

The Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is made for the traveler or backpacker that feels the need to secure their belongings while they seek fun and adventure. Your travels should be about exploration and adventure and not about heartache, misery, and loss.

The Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack can also be for the regional traveler and backpacker that may enjoy security as a welcome byproduct of the pack’s overall design.

The backpack offers all of the above in a nice package. It allowed me a bit of extra freedom as I took quick naps on crowded buses and trains and did not have to worry about someone easily taking something out of the bag.

I loved the fact that I could secure the Backpack to a bench as I enjoyed and explored the immediate area in parks and open spaces.

I frequently saw people have to mentally interrupt their fun to secure their belonging with a look or moving towards it to signal ownership as people approached too close to their seemingly unattended bags.


If all of this sounds good to you a Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Backpack may be your cup of tea and maybe in your future travels. I consider this family of backpacks a quality buy.

They are well made and have a well thought out design. You can tell the Numinous Packs Backpacks are designed for travelers by travelers.

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  2. Cool! Do they come in different colors? Or is it waterproof? Just in case i want to take it on a camping trip or hiking.

    1. Thanks for the comment Von. Yes they come in many colors and the kevlar material is water resistant. The is also a flap the protects the lock from weather.

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