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  1. Hi Tony

    This is a great article, I think any time I feel that I’m going down, I will go to your website and get a booster to wake me up. We need motivation in everyday life. You did a great job, I get some booster today thank you so much. Keep up the good work, very nice.


  2. Hi Tony, that is how life works. I have been in your place. Its good that you realized that you were missing all the beautiful scenes and places due to your job limitations and started enjoying those in your later jobs.
    Considering the low increment we get each year and the amount of stressful work I do I would not want to go back to that job again.

    For the saved time and money, I would definitely be looking forward to invest them in work from home and invest time in something that is genuine and has solid reputation in the market.

    Thanks for your post.

  3. Hey! Really great article.
    It is amazing sometimes that this can happen, you try to get away from something, you look around and try something new and then you feel that what you had was the best thing. It is important to let all of these options open and just follow your gut feeling. It is important to trust that you will be guided where you need to get 😉

    Good luck to you!

  4. Hi Tony, Thanks for this post. It really opened up my eyes to what is possible in life. Downsizing certainly isn’t an option for me right now as I am bringing up a young family. However in the future, it will definitely be on the cards.

    As for work, finding something you enjoy doing is the key. I’m glad you have found that.

    Good luck!