The Promise of Capitalism Has Failed But You Can Still Win

The Promise of Capitalism Has Failed .

The Promise of capitalism has failed but you can still win. Capitalism is something people have to believe in order for it to exist. “If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If you believe it makes a sound then it does. Simple! Belief is everything.

Our actions as a society suggest an overwhelming belief in capitalism. We work to generate income and falsely believe in the almighty dollar (in The United States). Money is still king around the world.

There is a belief the more money we make the better off we are in life and the happier we are. Popular culture demonstrates this to be false almost daily. Are you a believer in that philosophy or more money more happiness?

Did you knowingly subscribe to the philosophy or did you succumb to the popular thinking of masses?

Can You Opt Out?

The promise of capitalism has failed and can opt out of the narrative. The belief in capitalism instantly creates intended and unintended consequences. Once the belief capitalism is established in a society the Hunger Games begins!

There are a small group of bosses, business owners, and corporations that control the capital (money) and the overwhelmingly larger group that agrees to work and trade time for that capital. Basically, there are workers and bosses.

The worker’s goal is to survive. Support their families and many hope to become the bosses, business owners and even wealthy over time.

The bosses goal is to control the workers and to earn more capital for themselves and /or the soulless corporations and shareholders. This is counter to the worker’s goals.

These are the basic principles that drive capitalism. There are winners and losers. The bosses, business owners, and corporations exist to enrich themselves and /or the shareholders best interest.

The worker tries to exist and prospers on what is left. The workers are expendable most cases they are just a number.

The workers believe this form of capitalism has to happen to keep the wheels of progress turning, the factories humming along and the possibility for them to prosper.

The bosses and the business owners work very hard to convince the masses to buy more stuff for the same reasons. These are empty promises because the bosses and business owners benefit the most from those beliefs.

They convince the masses they need their products. They convince them they must acquire their products to better fit in and make life easier. Products they don’t really need and in many cases already have.

Does this sound like something the masses should be interested in? Do you think this is a good deal for them?

What are you waiting for? Create the Lifestyle Business you need today.

Why Do The Masses Believe In Capitalism?

The masses believe in capitalism because the small minority of bosses and business owners need them to. The bosses and business owners need the masses to believe capitalism is the only way to achieve happiness.

Why do people own NFL, NBA or MLB teams? The average team owner can bearly walk to their cars without tiring let alone play a sport to entertain massive crowds for profits.

Team owners exist because the players believe there is no other way for their sports leagues to exist and them to earn millions.

Players believe there is no other way because the team owners make sure and need them to. They except ever shrinking portions of the overall profits because of this. They don’t realize they are the talent and have all of the power and the powers that be likes it that way.

The promise of capitalism has failed because the same goes for the masses. They believe they need the small minority of bosses and business owners to exist an achieve happiness despite them having all of the power.

This is the reason they are will to accept ever shrinking pieces of the profits pie. The belief that Capitalism as the only way is entrenched in their minds.

The bosses, business owners, and corporations need the masses not the other way around. The bosses, business owners, and corporation exist solely because of demand. The masses create that demand but don’t share fairly in the rewards.


Wages growth could shrink to half the rate seen in the past 50 years and people could be forced to dramatically change their expectations about future prosperity, says Productivity Commission chairman Peter Harris – Financial Review



They buy more and more stuff, accept less and less pay and the small minority of bosses and business owners reap an ever-growing piece of the rewards.

Do We Need All Of The Stuff We Buy?

The masses embrace the empty promises of capitalism an buy more and more stuff they believe makes life better. People buy items we don’t need and replace perfectly good items on the date and time the small minority of bosses and business owners dictate.

The small minority of bosses and business owners have hijacked the yearly calendar and filled it with mandatory dates and opportunities to consume their products and services.

The masses even wait in lines begging to give them portions of their ever-shrinking incomes on demand. Most of this stuff would not be desired if not for the empty promises of capitalism and consumerism constantly drilled into their head by the bosses and business owners. More evidence the promise capitalism has failed.

If the masses only purchased what they needed it would result in more free time, money and less need for more work. That sound like a happier life for me. This simple fact is not promoted solely because it would result in fewer profits for you know who.

The Masses Revolt!

If all of the information above has left you feeling used, abused and diminishing hope don’t worry. Hope is within reach. The masses are beginning to revolt from the current system of capitalism and huge corporations increasing reach into their lives.

Employees are growing more tired of working for soleless companies that only focus on profits and pleasing their shareholders at their expense. Stealing more of the profits and demanding more time diminishing their quality of life.

people are working for themselves more and more creating a freelance economy. Employee-less business is growing and removing more and more people from the traditional job market and the clutches of soulless bosses and business owners.

Employee-less businesses include businesses like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Field Nation and many other traditional freelance opportunities. Studies show 40% of the United  States workforce (60 million people) will be freelancing by 2020.

Live The Freedom Lifestyle

Have you ever thought of becoming your own business? What if we all became small business owners where our duties were to enrich and enhance our lives not just to earn money to spend on junk we don’t need, eat, sleep and go back to work?

What about allowing more time spent with family and good friends, doing things you really enjoy. Lifestyle Businesses are becoming more and more popular. Businesses you control and conform to your lifestyle and don’t force your lifestyle to conform to the work.

How much money do you really need to be happy? If you were to end consumerism practices, purchased only what you need and only owned the essentials to be happy, what would that number be? It would be small and even more manageable than you think.

The promise of capitalism has failed and it’s accompanying greed is a lie. More and more is not better when you are neglecting the people and things that are truly important in your life.




4 thoughts on “The Promise of Capitalism Has Failed But You Can Still Win”

  1. walldecalguy says:

    Very true. I have started myself towards minimalism quite some time ago. I have taken maybe 60 boxes to thrift stores and do all my shopping there now as well. Yet, somehow I still find piles of stuff I need to get rid of. Not to mention, I never seem to miss anything that I donate away. It is easier and less stressful when you start to realize how little you really need to be happy. Does that mean I don’t constantly strive to improve my life? No way. It just means I strive different types of improvement and share much more of my blessings than before.

    Thanks for the great article.

  2. Ronnie Jordan says:

    I hear you. I have a full-time job and been there for awhile going nowhere. Every raise I get does not even come close to pulling me out of just making it. By the time you get a raise the cost of living has went up 3 times as much. Thant is why I started my own business. I refuse to go our a lifetime worker only to struggle on some cheesy retirement.

  3. Thanks for your comment Walldecalguy. It is always surprising how much junk we accumulate. Happy you decided to do something about it.

  4. Finding what makes you happy and being able to live the lifestyle you want is what we all should seek. Love your powerful message!

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