Living Simple

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The #1 Reason Doing Less Will Produce More Progress In Your Life

Produce More Progress . Produce More Progress. Already feeling skeptical about how many of those New Year’s resolutions you’ll keep? The bleak statistics in, only 8% of people keep their resolutions, and most give up after a week.  Yet wanted change is still well within reach. I sat down with Greg McKeown, best-selling author of Essentialism, the Disciplined Pursuit…


Decision Fatigue, Easily Avoid It’s Adverse Affected

Decision Fatigue Research . After a good night’s sleep, your brain has a finite amount of power to combat decision fatigue research results during the day. The brain has a limited capacity for optimal decision-making during the day. Why waste brainpower on trivial decisions like what to wear for the day? Then when it comes time to…


Living Simple Lifestyle Richly Without Being Rich

Living Simple Lifestyle . There are plenty of people who are happy with very little money but it is easy to get trapped into believing that being happy with little money is not possible. So much in society points towards the idea that money is the basis for everything and without we are totally doomed….


How do people living simple lifestyle find purpose?

Living Simple Lifestyle . Many people believe that living a simple lifestyle or living a minimalist lifestyle is doing without. I could not disagree more. Is it possible to say that living simple and living the minimalist lifestyle you are doing without consumerism, materialism, repetitiveness, commonness, and keeping up with the Joneses? Finding Purpose By…

One Man’s Mission to Live Simple in Downtown Manhattan

Live Simple in Downtown Manhattan . In 2007, I lived for a season in an off-grid permaculture cabin in North Carolina. No Name Creek gurgled through a lush forest, and I befriended the eclectic neighbors – organic farmers, biofuel brewers, eco-developers. I discovered a sustainable but imperiled way of life and wrote about in my…