I Suggest You Must Do This Before You Die, No Excuses

I Suggest You Must Do This Before You Die, No Excuses
“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” ― Confucius

Do This Before You Die, No Excuses


I suggest you must do this before you die. Life is always great until reality set in. What is the deadline for you to achieve some of your dreams? You only have a finite amount of beats in your heart and you will reach your deadline.

When that time comes will you have reached even a few of your goals? Not the ones like Finnish college, work a job you are not crazy about. You know, the goals society says you should achieve.

Will you ever begin to do the things you truly love? This is what you must do to achieve your truly important dreams. You need to create a Minimalist Bucket List and I will get you started. Let’s begin to check off some AMAZING accomplishment before you take your last trip around the Sun.

No excuses man!

Digest your mortality

You are going to die! YES, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! Hopefully not today but someday. That unpleasant fact is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact. Now what? That realization can be crippling or empowering, the choice is yours.

I hope that simple fact motivates you. If you are wasting time, I hope you stop. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone because tomorrow never comes. It may not be silly to pursue a career in the NBA, becoming a Pop Star or attending Law School but there are more important endeavors to pursue.

Create a Minimalist Bucket List to achieve the truly important things you love. You can easily do this before you die.




Always Put Yourself First

It sounds selfish and self-serving but it can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. This process will put you in the best position to serve others. I remember watching nature shows seeing predators always targeting the youngest and the weakest prey. I would wonder why the adults did not fight to the death to save the babies.

Deep down inside the cold hard truth began to shine through. It’s better for the survival of the whole to lose a few young and weak than to lose one or two of the stronger more productive members and protectors. If you lose key productive members protectors the weak and the young will certainly become prey the next day.

Stay strong physically and mentally at all cost to most effectively serve the ones you care about most. You may have to cut a few people off or behave like the male Lion and eat first to be strong for the ones you love.




Minimalist Bucket List

When most people think of a Bucket List lofty and extravagant accomplishments may come to mind. Do not make the mistake of comparing other people’s Highlight Reel to your perfectly normal documentary.


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated -Confucius


Because of these complexities, this is where the dream can die. The thought of creating a Bucket List can be paralyzing. Unfortunately, people can find it difficult to believe in a list they have not even created yet.

The Minimalist Bucket List can be seen as a different approach and can help people avoid that trap. Your Minimalist Bucket List should focus on your values and your short term attainable goals. Not a Hollywood misrepresentation of a happy life and success.


This is how you can create your Minimalist Bucket List:


  1. Start with your values. Populate your list with things that are important to you.
  2. Focus on creating short term achievable goals and use those wins to achieve your long term goals.
  3. Build your list by writing everything down. Document it all.
  4. Breakdown each item on the list to it’s more basic parts and work out an achievable outcome.


Follow these basic steps to get the ball rolling. You will have to consider things like cost, timing and who you would like to create wonderful memories with.

Ask for help

Remember you are not in this alone. Ask for help. Let the world know your plans. Post them on Social Media. Constantly be on the lookout to oppr=ortunities to get help. getting help will increase your ability to be successful and prevent you from looking back after 10 years realizing you have accomplished NOTHING!

You will be surprised at who will be available to help you reach your goals. Your Social Network and even strangers will help keep you accountable and checking items off your list. You will begin to find people who know people who have a cousin that works at a place that has a hook up at one of the places on your list. Whew! LOL!

Please do not allow a decade to go by and have you wondering where the time went. ASK FOR HELP! PLEASE!



Take Action

Begin looking for ways to check items off of your Minimalist Bucket list as soon as possible. Do not wait! Think of each item as a simple task and not life long dream on a bucket list. Don’t look to accomplish them in any order. Allow the Universe to decide 😉

If a Facebook friend has a hook up for an item on your list begin working to make it happen. Don’t be afraid to remove or add items to your Minimalist Bucket list. Remember the list is meant to add value to your life, not stress.

Spread the joy and create more powerful joyous memories. Invite friends and family to create and even combine their Minimalist Bucket List to spread the love.

Conclusion, Do This Before You Die

The prospect of death can teach you everything you need to know about living. I suggest you must do this before you die, no excuses. Create a Minimalist Bucket List! A list of the simple things you would really love to do most.

This simple ongoing task will help you escape the trap of living “The Buried Life“. It’s never too late. Follow the suggestions above to get started today. Document your journey and share the tips and tricks you learn along the way.

Begin working on your Minimalist Bucket List today. I suggest you must do this before you die, no excuses!




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  1. Interesting read, thanks for sharing! I agree it’s a great start to acknowledge we’re going to die some day.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Camilla. Yes, actively acknowledging our mortality can be liberating. It gave me a little more drive and focus to enjoy life more.

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