Minimalism Can Save Your Life Learn How You Can Benefit

Minimalism Can Save Your Life

Minimalism Can Save Your Life


That’s correct, minimalism can save your Life. The video playing below is a national tragedy. This woman from my hometown dies in her car taking a nap between one of her four jobs.

I have also parked a lot to avoid Airport Parking fees between some of my field jobs at a different time in my life. Is this what the world is coming to? Work yourself to death just to survive?

Some people work 80 hours a week for extra toys that they never have the time to enjoy. Some people work 80 hours a week to support their families and just to survive.

This behavior is what started me on the path towards minimalism. I believe there must be a way for us all to pool resources so everyone can be productive and also have time for what is really important.

Enjoying life with family, friends, community and living a life of impact.





Our Invisible Communities

On my path towards minimalism, I decided to live my life as a tourist. I enjoy every inch of my surroundings like a tourist. I sight to see and enjoy everything around me.

When I pass people on the street who look down and out, homeless, I consciously acknowledge it. I may give them a dollar or some of my loose change as if I was doing something to save the world.

Also when I encounter people who look stressed out I recall when I looked the same way and thank God I changed my path. I edited my belongings and downsized to the point my expenses are negligible.

I wonder if the young woman in the video could have done the same? Or did she just felt trapped and the need to work four jobs? This is where I believe minimalism can save your life.

I hope this young woman was not working four jobs just to get ahead or to maintain a higher lifestyle of owning stuff. If she had a roof over her head and food to eat but still worked so hard her death would be more of a tragedy.

There was a time I would have applauded someone working that hard but knowing what I know now I will not. I would like to believe she was working to feed young children and her family. It just sounds better 😉

There are so many people working themselves to death for a variety of reasons. Is there ever a good reason to work yourself to death? I don’t know of any but if you do please explain in the comments.

This is where I see minimalism can save your life.

There are people working themselves to death, form fast-food workers to The President of The United States and all socioeconomic levels.

We comment on them and say things like “The President has aged rapidly since his inauguration” then we forget about the true impact of those words and keep moving on. They are all invisible and could all benefit from varying levels of the minimalist philosophy. Less can be more.

Like they said in my day. Chill Out! Slow down and take a chill pill. LOL

Could The Transition Movement Help?

There are Transition Networks and Transition Communities popping all over the world. The Transition Movements are a catalyst for building resilient communities around the world that are able to withstand severe energy, climate or economic shocks while creating a better quality of life in the process.

These communities believe in local sourcing and keeping the profits with the local producers among other things.

These simple actions would boost the flow of revenue into the community and allow for more quality time with good friends and family because you would be able to work less.

Can communities like this allow those who would like to be productive and enjoy life the opportunity to do so? Can those people collectively provide each other with the basic needs to enhance the quality of life for all?

Minimalism Can Save Your Life, Five Things to Help


1. Your Possessions – Sometimes the possession you worbeginshard to acquire begin to complicate your life. They become a burden financially and spiritually. They become a burden to maintain and sap energy to enjoy what is important.

2. Your Other Commitments –Sometimes we fill our day with too many commitments. We should learn to say no more often! Slow down. Enjoy. Get into the long slow line at the supermarket. Talk and socialize with others in the line. What’s the rush?

3. Your Debt –Debt can cause stress and stress is a killer. If you need to cut back on a few things. Lower your bills. Less can be more when it comes to the quality of life.

Some of the best times in life come when you are with good friends and family hanging out in the yard. No cost there

4. The Boob Tube – Television, movies, video games, and technology can affect you more than you realize. Have been known to miss or delay events when engaging in these activities.

The use of these gadgets can become addicting and eat up a lot of your time without you even realizing it. purposefully turn them off to enjoy more quality time.

5. Your Personal Connections – I hate to say it relationships “Good” relationships with others. The best relationships are those that are had face to face.

Power off that smartphone, log off Facebook and Twitter.have meaningful to havemeaningfuly contact with others on a regular basis.

I don’t know of any good reason to work yourself into bad mental or physical help or even worse yet, death. If you can think of a reason please leave a comment below.




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