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  1. Michael Perry says:

    I’ve been sleeping on a full sized Japanese futon since 2014. I purchased it from J-Life. I don’t have the comforter or the other fancy stuff. Just a fitted sheet and a nice pillow and a warm blanket. I rent a room in a 5 bedroom house so I am interested in something that folds up and out the way. I would say for me the futon has really changed my sleeping habits. I think I sleep heavier and have a lot less lower back pain. I probably sleep less too. It is a harder mattress and it gets harder as the years go by. For my “almost minimal” lifestyle, the futon works great. I’ve moved twice to new rooms and its been great. Hauling it around is much easier but its still difficult for a single person to move a full sized futon. Nothing compared to a full bed and spring and stuff though. I would say if you want a firm bed, a simpler sleeping arrangement, and you don’t mind a bit of maintenance like folding it up and hauling it outside a few times a year, you will like it. I gave in and got a tri-fold mattress for underneath it. Under that, I have a nice rug. I think its difficult for a person to make a recommendation on what will work for sleeping for another person; but the futon has been the one thing I have wanted to keep over the last 2 years and some. Other things have come and gone and the futon stays. It will take you some time to get used to it though. Its a different sleep for me.

    Perhaps you already got the futon so I’ll leave this here if others read and want an opinion :-).

    1. Thanks for your response Michael. I love my Futon and the minimalist lifestyle. That is why I have been looking into buying a Floyd Platform Bed to use with my Futon mattress. Check out the Floyd Platform Bed and tell me what you think.