Practice These Simple Ways To Relieve Stress During The Day

Ways To Relieve Stress

Ways To Relieve Stress


We all know chronic stress is harmful to our health and wellbeing. Do we know the best ways to relieve stress during your day? Not just think you know but really know?

Let’s take a quick look at why it’s beneficial to understand the best ways to relieve stress during the day. The knowledge will greatly impact your health and wellness in the most positive ways.

Chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, premature aging, obesity, and premature death, just for starters. That fact alone is a great reason to be well versed and practice the best ways to relieve stress.

This information will add value and help prolong your life. Let’s face it. We all could use help controlling stress in our lives and as a result, I will show you the best ways to relieve stress during your day.

As a matter of fact, I will show you a potentially game-changing secret in relieving all the stress and anxiety you may experience during your day.

The Simple Stress Relief Secret

Alright, drum roll, please!

This game-changing secret that will help relieve stress and anxiety in your life is actually linked to your blood sugar levels. This can be easily manipulated in your favor. Follow me here!

Most people usually experience a lot of stress in the early morning and in the middle of the day. Guess what? Those are the times your body’s blood sugar is the lowest.

Just imagine, if all you have to do is keep your blood sugar stabilized during the day to greatly increase health, wellness and enjoy better relationships with family and good friends. Those are some of the benefits of combating stress.

I will not get into the infinite number of dietary possibilities but eating nutrient-dense foods that offer healthy fats and a lot of protein during the day is a great start.



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I like to keep coconut oil, fruit, nuts, and cans of sardines to snack on during the day. As a kid, I would not even try sardines but now I love them.

I just pop a can open anywhere I am for a nutritious snack. Well not anywhere because I found the odor to be offensive to almost everyone. LOL.

Other Ways To Relieve Stress During The Day

Take a Break To Help Relieve Stress

I am not talking about only taking a break when you feel stress and anxiety building. I am talking about being proactive. Plan one day of the week or even one day of the month to just relax.

Just sleep, relax, think or read most of the day. No phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, television, video games or any distractions that use batteries or electricity.

I usually cheat when I do this by using my laptop but I still enjoy the effect of a truly stress-free day. pick and choose what works for you. I notice my shoulder begin to relax and fall down surrendering their tense posture as the day goes on.

You will quickly realize how all of the gadgets produce stress and anxiety in our lives if you practice this. Our gadgets may add more harm than the value in our lives than we may realize. Unfortunately, many of us have become servants to them.

Not everyone can spend a day without their electronic gadgets and I understand that, but curtailing their use and limiting their power over us for one day a week is a great way to relieve stress in our lives.

Address The Cause Of Stress

We all know most of the situations that will cause us stress. Many of them you can not avoid and just have to deal with them. Why not develop a plan to deal with them before they happen.

While your head is clear and you are not seeing red. LOL. This will help you avoid lashing out and allowing the stress to build. Plan to smile and take a mindful pause when you notice the stressful scenario taking shape.

I am not saying this will cure every stressful situation. Let’s face it, there are people that just rub you the wrong way. I know people I swear they do it intentionally just get under my skin but this technique has helped me.

See, it’s working now because just thinking of them caused my blood to boil and now I’m good. LOL.

Clear Your Mind To Help Relieve Stress

Do you know how sometimes your phone or computer needs a reboot or power restart? Well, your brain can benefit from such a process.

Many of us become stressed when overwhelmed by the number of things we have to do during the day. When we have too many things to get done it is difficult to know where to start.

I begin to overthink these situations which greatly adds to my level of stress. I found the best way to relieve this stress is to just start. Begin to get the things you need to do done.

The Eisenhower Productivity Matrix works for me. It helps me clear my mind and create a clear path to get the things I need to do done and prevent me from feeling overwhelmed.

This process clears the mind as we complete each task. This is accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Use whatever may work for you to clear your mind when feeling overwhelmed and get started on the things you need to get done. To enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction to relieve stress during your day.

Breathe To Help Relieve Stress

I learned a long time ago breathing and thinking is the best way to begin dealing with a stressful situation. Develop an exercise focusing on your breath, it can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, help you think more clearly, and increase the oxygen flow to your body.

There are many breathing techniques used around the world to enjoy these benefits and reduce stress. I created a breathing exercise I regularly use. I love to practice this almost every morning.

Practice makes perfect and during stressful times I practice my simple breathing technique to help relieve stress during the day. I suggest you develop a breathing technique and practice it to help relieve stress during your day.

Meditate To Help Relieve Stress

Meditation is not as difficult as many people think. It can be as simple as concentrating on breathing. Meditation is said to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, prevent depression, increase better health and wellness.

I do believe to enjoy the full benefits of Meditation you have to be taught. I found the longer I practiced Meditation the better results I experience.

Most people can easily find a Meditation teacher in their neighborhood with a simple Google search. There are also several meditation apps, like Headspace a, 10 Percent Happier, and Calm, that make it simple to correctly give meditation a try to help relieve stress in your life.

Go Outdoors To Help Relieve Stress

I believe your bare feed should come in contact with the Earth regularly for better health and wellness. It’s called Earthing. Do yourself a favor and give Earthing a try for a few weeks and let us know your results in the comments below.

A recent study out of Stanford University demonstrated that a walk in nature reduces the likelihood of falling prey to stress and anxiety during your day.

Humans are designed to seek nature. We love trees, grass, plants, water, and wildlife. Unfortunately, many of us live in concrete jungles and find it difficult to experience mother nature on a daily basis.

The next best thing is to go outdoors to relieve stress during the day. Find a green space, park or a nice quiet area to relax and release stress during your day. As little as 5, 10 or 20 minutes will benefit you greatly.

Walk To Help Relieve Stress

When you feel stress taking hold of you try taking a walk to help relieve the stress. Walking can distract the mind from overthinking a stressful situation and allows for reflection.

The simple physical activity of walking recharges the brain so that its response to stress is renewed. It’s like giving your brain a rest so that it can return and combat the effects of stress with renewed vigor.

Walking is one of the most immediate tools you can use to relieve stress during the day. Just stop, get up and take a walk.

Exercise To Help Relieve Stress

A regular exercise program helps provide the long-term ability to maintain control of heart rate and other systems in response to stress during the day.

Higher intensity workouts help the body adapt, reducing the negative effects of stress at work or at home. High-intensity exercise like throwing a medicine ball around or hitting a punching bag (and not the wall in your office) can be a great way to release stress through explosive muscle actions.

It may seem counterintuitive but the relaxing feeling after a super hard workout is second to none. You just have to find the type of workout to best give you that stress destroying, relaxing feeling you deserve.

Regular exercise in a preemptive strike to combat stress in your lives.


I believe the biggest take away from this post it the game-changing secret that all you have to do is keep your blood sugar stabilized during the day to greatly increase health, wellness and enjoy better relationships with family and good friends.

Chronic stress destroys lives, physically and emotionally. The health and emotional problems chronic stress heaps on co-workers, friends, and families are too numerous to count and growing every day.

Not to mention the secondary problems like lashing out, drugs, alcohol, violence, depression, and anxiety caused by chronic stress. All can be diminished by keeping the body’s blood sugar level stabilized.

Enjoy a few nutritious snacks during the day to help you enjoy life, good friends and family more. Please tell me what you think and let us know some of the ways to relieve stress during your day.



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