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  1. I absolutely love being organized! This is an awesome post and if more people followed it, there would be a lot less chaos in the world! My husband is one of the “unorganized” ones. This pack is a great idea for him and since I am running out of gift ideas for Christmas for him, I am seriously thinking about buying him one. Thanks so much for helping me with all the details!

  2. Linda Watson says:

    I didn’t think I needed a backpack tool bag until I read your post. I didn’t even know they made them so elaborate! The information was very helpful to me. I’m going to look into the one you are using to see if it will help me carrying items to my clients as a health coach. I have simple tools like tape measures, fitness bands, pedometers etc, but need to keep them organized.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda. I am sure there is a bag that has pockets designed for the tools of your profession. Everything in it’s own place. No more trying to figure out where everything should go when you get a new bag. Have fun looking and share what you find.,