Decluttering My Kitchen Instead of Remodeling to Save Time and Money

Decluttering My Kitchen

Decluttering My Kitchen

I am decluttering my kitchen instead of remodeling to save time and money. Your kitchen already has what it needs to be functional and fabulous. There is no need to remodel, just get rid of the unnecessary and let the beauty shine through.

My goal here in decluttering my kitchen is to get rid of what I do not use and reclaim space. This space I could use to spend time with family and friends.

I spend more time in the kitchen socializing than cooking. decluttering my kitchen will give more space to do what I do and enjoy most in the kitchen. Remodeling will not make those great memories I create there with friends and family any better.

I have to come to the realization that I will never become a Top Chef or a Master Baker anytime soon. There are a lot of specialty appliances gadgets I can get rid of in favor of those that have multiple purposes.

I have a problem decluttering my kitchen because I love gadgets and my love of gadgets for the kitchen is only eclipsed by my love for work tools. There are obvious specialty tools and gadgets that are far very unconventional that I should get rid of. I just have to make the choice to do it.




Should I get rid of things like my juicer? I know I should be juicing for better health but I just have never done it regularly. This is hard for me but I have decided to get rid of it. It is taking up space and collecting dust.

The main reason for getting rid of it is not because I don’t use it, but because of all of the stress, it causes me. I hate cleaning it after I use it. Also, I feel guilty just looking at it and I will no longer have to look at it and deal with the bad feelings..

On the contrary, I will be keeping my NuWave Oven Pro Plus. I love that thing and do not use my microwave oven because of it. My friends and family love the food and snacks I prepare in the NuWave Oven and that is a bigger plus.

Believe it or not, I will be getting rid of my microwave oven. I have made a conscious effort not to microwave my food for many years now so this will not be difficult for me.

Owning a few manual slicers and electric salad slicers that I will be getting rid of because they do not have multiple uses. I will just get better with a plain old knife to fulfill my chopping needs.

Obviously, I will keep one electric grill and get rid of all other electric cookers except my crock pot. I am going to miss my electric knife and my electric roaster oven. But they take up space and are not needed.

Next, I will move to pots, pans, and bakeware. I will be decluttering my kitchen down to just one set of cookware. If it does not have a dual purpose or is not used regularly it will be discarded.

I have not decided if I will keep my grill plate or not. It is not used often. I will keep just one of every type of bake pan.

I am getting rid of anything that I only use for special occasions and holidays. It is just taking up space and is used once or twice a year. This will be difficult but this is what is needed.

decluttering my kitchen


I don’t know if everyone would like to go this drastic but remodeling would just make me happy for just a few months.

The pile of things I will like to discard is large. I will store this stuff for a few months to see if I can really do without it.

If I use something from this pile within the three months I will return it to my kitchen. If I don’t use an item from the pile within the three month period it will be sold or given away.

This will not be fair for my special occasion items but I really would like to get rid of them anyway. Bye bye, Christmas drinking glasses. LOL.

Ok, now I am down to what I only use and what has multiple uses. I have a ton of extra space and can find things easier.

The counters are clear and free of clutter. Decluttering my kitchen has created a better open space to spend time with the important people in my life.

This makes the kitchen feel less stressful and makes it less likely that I will buy any unneeded items for the kitchen.

This one act will also lead to less consumption because before my buying illness kicks in again I will ask myself if I really need it and if I already have something that can fulfill the task? Living Simple Being Frugal Until You Are Free.

Decluttering my kitchen was a no-budget remodel. I actually made money. Decluttering created clean more open space that will allow me to enjoy food, friends, and family more easily.



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