Learn To Live a Simpler Life and Be More With Less

Live a Simpler Life

Live a Simpler Life


Moving can make you want to live a simpler life. While looking at all of the junk you have accumulated it can easily inspire that thought as you try to coordinate the move.

Most of that junk you don’t need and a lot of it you did not even know you had. Now you have to spend time, money, and energy to take it with you and treat it as if it were important to you.

Stuff that was once important to you is now not much more than junk. You contemplate abandoning much of it but then you feel guilty about the time and money spent acquiring it.

The time spent working for it, storing it, managing it, cleaning it, and now it holds no value to you. Now you realize that acquiring the junk that fills your home costs time and money.

Did you waste it time and money acquiring that junk? The time you can never get back.

You would be living a simpler life and had more time if you did work so hard every day to buy this junk. You could complete the move in a third of the time if you did not have this useless junk.

Clothes, toys, gadgets, and many things you believe you will need one day.

You would not have to save face and pretend as if it were important junk. Let’s look at the bigger picture. You would have been living a simpler life if you had not spent so much time away from home working, thinking about, planning, and accumulating all of that unnecessary junk.

That time and money could have been sent doing more enjoyable things. The things that infuse joy into your life. Time and money better spent creating timeless memories with loved ones and removing stress from your life. Here are 12 Simple Living Ideas That Work.






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What Do You Really Need To Live a Simpler Life

Living a simpler life is different for everyone. It is what works for you. What works for who you are, your history, your personality, your passions, your interests. It is fluid as you contentiously gravitate to the more important.

There are some basics that set a foundation. Some people believe that to live a simpler life you need to do without, get rid of unnecessary things. I find a policy of deciding what to keep in your life is more important than deciding what to get rid of.

many people in the know believe unnecessary things add confusion in life and distract from the more important. I partly agree with that. Living a simpler life at its core is much more than living with less and making do with the basics.

There is no joy in depriving your self of comforts just because. You need to have a process, a plan, a solid philosophy for life. I believe to live a simpler life the focus should be on more. More time, joy, and purpose. Not more possessions.

To live a simpler life you should ask yourself what can I not live without? What is my life that brings me so much joy I can not live without it? This is a better method than just getting rid of things and living with less.

Don’t just punish yourself without knowing why, without a purpose.

There is no progress in that.

Living with less without a solid philosophy for life is confusing busyness with progress. It is a form of Dunning–Kruger effect. Believing you are skilled at a task and you really are not. You would be just going through the motions without benefit.

Ask yourself this question. Is a life in which nothing is worth dying for a worth living? You don’t have to be that hardcore to live a simpler life but acknowledging and prioritizing things that you feel are more important, worth dying for is a powerful place to begin. Here are 10 Tips To Begin Living Simple Today.

Make What You Can’t Live Without Important

When you prioritize what you can’t live without and filter out things that conflict with you attaining happiness will inherently lead to living a simpler life. The negative distraction will be filtered out. It’s just that easy.

What remains is essential and necessary. This is what you should spend time cultivating.

Most of us need to work outside of the home. Do we need that promotion? Maybe not. If it will take time away from the necessary, no. Do we need a new car? Maybe not.

If it will take time for the necessary and a used one will do, no. Should I tell the boss “NO” on occasion?

Maybe. If it will give you more time to create memories with good friends and family, yes.

The company can do without you on occasion. Bosses change, companies get brought out, children grow up, friends and family have events and loved ones die.

When you look back at your time on this Earth where would you hope you spent the bulk of your time and energy?

Making what you can’t live without the centerpiece of your existence will force you on the path to living a simpler life and you and the world will be better for it. You will put the smiling faces you love first.

You may do without a few things but on your deathbed, the priceless memories you created with those smiling faces will last longer than the memories of things they did without on the way to creating those memories.  Here are 10 Tips For Living A Minimalist Lifestyle.




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One thought on “Learn To Live a Simpler Life and Be More With Less”

  1. Great post Tony!

    There are a lot of items in my house that I never touch anymore. Like my guitars for instance. I played a ton when I was younger but now I pick it up maybe once every few months.

    Thanks for the great eye opener.

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