Dry Fasting: AMAZING Health Benefits Everyone Should Know About

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  1. I have done a number of dry fasts this year. My last dry fast was a 7.5 days hard dry fast without even touching water. I could have gone longer but I was running up and down stairs and freaked out and stopped.

    I am currently doing a new hard dry fast and the goal is to go 10-11 days this time. Dry fasting takes practice. When I first started I could hardly do 24 hours. Now I can do 3-4 days without even thinking about it or even becoming hungry or thirsty.

    I have an advanced parasitic infection and had spent copious amounts of money and tried everything under the sun but so far nothing has compared to the 7.5 day hard dry fast. Some people online do 14 days hard dry every year. Don’t believe the mainstream establishment when they say you will die after a week of no food or water.

    If it wasn’t for dry fasting my disease would be so bad I wouldn’t be able to work, but now I seem to be getting better as I’m pushing towards longer hard dry fasts and nothing else under the sun was really anything more than a band aid. I’m sure someone that caught cancer early enough could take it out with hard dry fasting.

    How badly do you really want to be healthy again?

    1. Anonymous says:

      You also should detox heavy metals. The parasites like to wrap themselves around metals. It can be hard to get rid of parasites if you don’t.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully the Fast would handle that. Right?

  2. Greetings, Thanks so much for taking the time to provide all the key info Mr. Tony. 2day @ 10am I completed my first dry Fast. The ancestors spoke and guided me through a successful 3day Fast (dry). I began my DryFast on Day 24 of my GrapeJuice fast It was rough lol. I had stomach pain and alternating pain on my sides. When I woke up this morning I had a thick white coat on my tongue and no bowel movementwas passed during the dry fast . The 1st thing I drank was 12oz of freshly juiced grape juice. Resuming my Grape Fast. I was gonna eat the pulp later on but I may not introduce til 2morrow or the next day. 50hrs In on the dry fast my dr had a Blood panel taken this was not scheduled but I cant wait for the results. Mr Tony u are a Gem and once again I thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment Mona.
      I must say your happy and bright attitude during a fast is inspirational. For some reason I read grapefruit juice instead of grape juice and thought, YUCK! LOL. Grape juice sounds wonderful. I’m curious about the Blood results.

    2. Thanks, Mona;
      I am cheering you on. I can barely do a three-day dry fast but your great start is encouraging. Grape juice would be a little harsh for me but at the end of a fast anything look like gold to me.
      I would like to know the results of your efforts.

  3. ozaki8livity says:

    Thanks for the info, it helps to get a bit more strength when you innit or like to try it. The longst hard dryfast i done is 156hrs, i always learn something new when going through the process. When writing this im on the third day of a hard dryfast and aiming at 8-10 days, been it is the body that have to decide when it´s time to break it, the intuition is your northstar to know how much your body are ready for. When it comes to weight lost, last time i started on 220 pounds and when i was done the weight was 163 pounds, i went up to 173 in three days and stayed there for quite a while. I´m writing about health from a holistic point of view so through my own journey i keep getting insights and become more efficient every time i go through one. A recommendation is that when you do it, if possible take a wov of silence and make sure you just breathe through the nose and in/exhale deep and silent. Best of luck to everyone, thanks for your posts.

    1. 10 day dry fast is a dream goal of mine. I hope you succeed. I agree the body should decide when it’s time to break a fast but the battle for me has always been with my mind.
      I actually dislike the weight-loss. How do you feel about your weight-loss during your fasting.

  4. This is a wonderful article, thank you. However, “soft dry fast” does not include drinking water- that is a water fast. Soft dry fast means you wash your hands, shower etc.. Dry fasting has helped heal conditions doctors said I would “have to learn to live with”, they were wrong, so wrong.

    1. Thanks for your reply Carla.
      That’s a great distinction. I have never drunk water during a Dry Fast, so I tend to agree.

  5. Wow! You are almost done. Please let us know if the results are what you hoped they would be.

  6. Michael Robins says:

    I have an infection in the genital area. Would dry fasting be good for this condition and how long a dry fast need i do?

  7. Thanks for your comment Serena. Esther Fast? That may explain why I can only Dry Fast for only 3 days.

  8. On a soft fast you drink no water, but you can brush your teeth, take a shower, wash you hands. So you eat no food or drink no water. This fast in the Bible is called the Esther Fast. When Esther fasted for 3 days on no food and no water to save her people.

  9. Dianne Phillips says:

    Where’s the research?

  10. Anonymous says:

    How long can a person dry fast? I’ve seen different answers. Some say don’t go for for longer than 3 days, and others have said up to 14 days. I am doing a dry fast now and would like to do 14 days.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I only Dry Fast for 3 day and would like to get up to 5 days.
      Just remember, there is a difference between fast depriving yourself of food than Dry Fasting depriving yourself of food and water.
      You can good without water for about a week and without food for about three weeks.

    2. Thanks for your comment. It depends on why you would like to Dry Fast and the results you seek. 14 days for a beginner maybe unrealistic. What is the result you seek?

  11. Hey great information and insights on dry fasting. Thanks very much stay highly blessed

  12. Hello Tony, thanks again for another good post. I am familiar with fasting even the 40 days fast, (but not from personal experience of going 40 days). However, I did not know it did so much good for the body.

    I must admit even whilst reading your post I kept thinking being without water for 40 days is rather risky. There is certainly no end to what we can learn.

    1. Tara Robinson says:

      U can’t go 40 days without water u will die

      1. Peter G Kimble says:

        A Healthy Alternative

        3 months ago
        My first interview with Justin a member from our group who lost 204lbs with water fasting and dry fasting. join Patreon to see more …

        1. Thanks for your statement Peter. Weight loss is a common goal for people who fast. 204? That’s amazing!

      2. It’s been done many many times. Btw, what medical experience do you have to support ur claim

        1. I am not a Doctor in real life. I just play one on the internet. You just walked right into that one. LOL

      3. Michael Robins says:

        Check out Breatharianism. There are people who neither eat or drink. Jesus said I have food ye know no whereof.

        1. So that is what he was on about..
          hmm it’s funny when I dry fast all inflammation is gone but minutes after I reintroduce liquids / food then it’s back again/:
          Are you a breathararian yourself?

          1. Anonymous says:

            What kind of foods are u reintroducing?

    2. Thanks for your comment EJ. 40 days of fasting is biblical. Unless The All Mighty request you fast for 40 days I suggest you not try it. LOL

  13. Hey man! =)

    I have heard of the term ‘fasting’ before but never dry fasting, so thanks to introducing me to this concept.

    After reading all the benefits from dry fasting, I’m tempted to give it a go.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Let us know how it goes 😉

    2. Thanks for your response, Lawrence. I admit Dry Fasting seems counter-intuitive but has proven to be effective. Please let us know your results.

  14. Tony, thanks for the in depth look at dry fasting! I have fasted over the years but never completely dry and didn’t know all the physical benefits of it as well. Thanks for sharing with us. What have you noticed to be the best outcome of a dry fast for you?

    1. Thanks for your reply, Katie. My results have been more mental than physical. I gain more mental clarity and more discipline. I find myself experimenting more on what I eat the days before I begin a Dry Fast.

  15. Man

    what an interesting concept, never even heard of it. But I would for sure try it out. Who does not want to reverse the aging process lol. I’m all for that. This was extremely informative, and enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks for your comment AJ. Dry Fasting is an ancient technique to promote health and wellness. There was documented practice in the Bible. Give it a try allow the wonders of the human body to work for you.

  16. Tony,
    I had no clue that dry fasting could do all of these incredible things. Now I have to wait until it’s warm and go take a hike in the mountains, meditate, and dry fast!



    1. Thanks for your comment Ed. Yeah, Dry Fasting seems counterintuitive but makes sense in the larger scheme of things. It will take a few days to benefit from Dry Fasting in the mountains but is sure sounds great.

    2. What’s the holdup Ed? You know what they say. The best time to start was yesterday. The second best time to start is today 😉

    3. Thanks for your reply, Ed. Please keep us posted on your results.