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Why not be whole and complete, lacking nothing in all areas in life employing Minimalist Living Ideas? Break free from The Matrix and live The Freedom Lifestyle.


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If you had a choice, would you spend less time doing what you do now and more time doing what you really love to do, with good friends and family or spend more time at work to pay off stuff you don’t have a chance to enjoy?

That is the choice many people have to make every day. Using Minimalist Living Ideas will open the door to freedom of choice, The Freedom Lifestyle. Doing so is possible.

The power is in your hands. It starts by changing your mindset and discovering what is easily possible. You can slow life down and focus on what is truly important to you and your family. Minimalist Living Ideas are some of the keys to happiness.


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With a lower cost of living and understanding of minimalist living ideas, you may have more time and money to put towards earning a Location Independent Income, travel or spend less time at work and spend more real time with friends and family creating memories. Be less stressed and live more with less!


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Minimalist Living Ideas is what you keep in your life, not what you get rid of. It is about keeping more of the important and not having less stuff.

Everything in your life should have a purpose and provide a source of joy. Anything that doses not should be removed or curtailed.

Why spend time or own what does not give you joy? Is working hard to acquire more and more stuff making you happy?

To spend time on what is critical, you need to free up time to do so. To intentionally create a life doing something you hate all day just to survive or collect a paycheck is not living. Why not do better?




Why spend more and more time at work to buy more and more stuff you don’t need or want? Why waste time managing, storing, cleaning, (that’s right, cleaning) and protecting that junk?

Do you really need all of that clothing or that latest gadgets? You already have one just like it and it has stopped giving you joy a long time ago. It is in the back of a closet or the bottom of a draw. 

If on the other hand, you feel the need to work your life away just to survive and believe you don’t have time for joy we have the solution for you also.

If all you need is a little extra income in your budget to free up time for the more important, we have a solution.


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If you love what you are doing all day you are blessed. If you do not love what you are doing all day you too can be blessed with a little hard work and focus.

Learn to cut out the noise and the non-essentials in your time and focus on the important, necessary and essential. Free up time for joy. You are on Earth to ENJOY!

Put my Minimalist Living Ideas to work to create a life where time doing what you love, with good friends and family is the most important event in your day. Working just to get more, more and even more can be depressing.


minimalist living ideas - blog


Life is not fair but it is still good


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