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  1. Yvonne Oh says:

    I don’t think bone broth per se is a scam. It depends where you get it from. Homemade is definitely the best if you want pure, unadulterated broth. I make my own chicken stock from time to time such as this I use it in soups and stir-fries and it definitely makes the dish tastier.

  2. Elizabeth Conley says:

    I’m a big fan of bone broth. At my house we don’t call it bone broth, we call it stock. It’s the foundation of every soup and stew I make.

    It’s a nutrition power house, I make it out of what we can’t eat anyway, and it has a mouth-feel that is inimitable. Accept no substitutes.


    My favorite use for bone broth is chicken soup. I generally spatchcock all the chickens I cook and save the backs in the freezer. Leftover chicken bones go in the same bag. When I have enough it’s chicken soup time – starting with an overnight simmer of chicken backs and bones in the crock pot.

    What’s your favorite use for bone broth?

    1. Thanks for you comment Elizabeth. I love spatchcock chicken on the grill. I usually make a chicken stock with chicken bones. Now that Bone Broth has become popular in the area I have been trying to make a thicker “Bone Broth”.
      As I have been streamlining and simplifying my life, I thought I could use Bone Broth as a quick meal replacement. Something ready to go without having to think about it. Now I am hooked trying different recipes. I like having it around for all of the reasons you mentioned.

  3. Never knew bone broth was this healthy, my grandmother was always offering me some every time I went over to her home, will definitely have to give it a try next time, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment Deep. Your Grandmother is full of good wisdom. Now a days the packaging our processed food comes in has more nutritional value than what’s inside. LOL
      When my grandmother would feed me she would talk about the food sticking to my ribs and food that fuels my ability to work all day. My Grandparents lived on a farm.