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  1. Very interesting site. I love the idea, less stuff! I really like that idea. Hopefully many people will read your site and realize we really don’t need 2 of everything. Very interesting, thanks, Deanna

    1. Thanks for your comment Deanna. We not only don’t need two of everything, we don’t need one of many things. I hate cleaning, storing and managing a lot of unnecessary stuff. There was a time I wanted to throw it all away every Saturday morning. LOL.

  2. Hey Tony, I totally agree with you. I read about minimalists a few years ago in the newspaper and then I started to wonder: are they really happier? Because they sound happier. At first, I was reluctant but I realised that the things I own overwhelm me and don’t bring me happiness so I started to slowly get rid of the things that I didn’t need to. It’s a process that takes years but it really clears the mind.

    However it might be tough, it’s worth to try, especially now when we’re bombarded by informations from every side.

    I think you could even say “choose minimalism. Choose happiness”. 😉

    1. Thanks for your comment Adriana. I like “Choose minimalism. Choose happiness” LOL. Sometimes we do and own things and don’t even know why. It can be a force of habit, I don’t know. Getting rid of some of those things also gets rid of the time and cost of maintaining them. I am happy you have had success with Minimalist principles.