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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with the uniform, its like loss identity and creativity, looks boring to me the idea

    1. That is the beauty of the uniform. You can create whatever you like or create nothing at all. You can be a Police Officer, Fire Fighter or a Doctor. I am just kidding. LOL.

    2. I can see your point of view if your identity is attached to your possessions. It’s definatly not for everyone.

    3. Thanks for your comment. I would never invest time and energy into anything I do not find value in.
      The would be against the spirit of Minimalist Living and I suggest you do the same.
      Invest time and energy in things you agree with and find value in.

  2. Marcus Gullberg says:

    Great article Tony.

    It’s very easy to spend to much time thinking about what to wear that’s for sure. But I also think that it’s not so much of what other people think of you. It’s more what you think of yourself. If I can look myself in the mirror and say “Wow this shirt is really awesome on me, I’m looking real good” then that’s what I want. I agree with you that why shouldn’t you be able to wear that shirt say 3-4 times that week?

    Is it because people think it’s filthy that you wear a think more then once and don’t wash it? I don’t know but this article was an eye-opener for me.

    Thank you,

    1. You don’t have to wonder if the shirt a person is wearing is stinky and dirty it will be obvious. I agree with you Marcus. People will think the worst every time but who cares? I buy the shame shirt and pants in bulk over and over again so I am sure there is someone out there that believes I wear the same shirt and pants for days on end. LOL

  3. Hi, Tony. I enjoyed your article. I say this to friends often about their wardrobes. Most people who we view or know as being wealthy don’t dress like those who possess less wealth. I understand WHY that is now, but it is still a bit backward. You would think only women are faced with this issue, but that’s just not true. I know many men who have wardrobes twice the size of mine..they just love fashion. lol I actually believe in striving to be a minimalist with most things because everything seems to cost so much. Nice article.

    1. I agree Audra. Most wealthy and successful people don’t fuss with large wardrobes. Like discussed in the post money was not the deciding factor. Saving time and avoiding decision fatigue was. As you may know the less useless decisions you have to make during the day the more brain power you will have to make the important ones.

      You would think that women would have a larger wardrobes on average but I to know a few fashion conscious men that would put most women to shame. LOL