10 Simple Life Steps That You Can Use To Enjoy Life More

Simple Life Steps

Simple Life Steps


Here are few simple life steps you can take to enhance joy in your life. Sometimes we forget to take time for joy in life. We get entrenched in a rut, in the grind, we forget how much simple joy and happiness we use to enjoy.

Please take the time to find more joy in life.

I find joy in moving towards things that serve me, my family, and important relationships. This means less time and energy wasted doing things that take away from my happiness.

There is a hidden force in our culture that encourages us to seek more stuff. To be more at all costs. What more is better. Reject that culture.

More of everything is not better. Mindlessly seeking more can be destructive. This is why I seek a minimalist lifestyle.

A simple life. I sometimes describe minimalism as a promotion of things that we value most and the elimination of everything that takes our attention away from them. A simple life. Simple living.

Here are 10 steps that promote a simple life and will bring more joy to your life. That is not a small feat to accomplish. Be focused and work hard at designing a simple life, you and everyone around you will be greatly rewarded.





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1. Keep your old cell phone

There is no need for the latest and greatest thing. Save time and money and keep your old phone. Once you voluntarily skip around of the next latest and greatest phone upgrades, it becomes easy. It will feel GREAT to relieve yourself of that pressure of keeping up with the Joneses every few years.

Hating the phone you have, then only be satisfied for a few months with the new one. The cycle begins all over again. Live the simple life and enjoy what you have and be done with it. Of these simple life steps this use to be the most difficult for me to follow.

2. Use a Prepaid Credit Card

This worked well for me when on vacation. It limited my spending and kept me focused. There were no temptations to be extravagant and I enjoyed what I was on vacation to enjoy. I was forced to stick to my spending limit. I now use this technique daily.

If I don’t put the money on the card I can’t spend it. No wasted time window shopping online, at the mall or on computer shopping. More time to spend on what I deem important in my life. Of these simple life steps, I was surprised how much I benefitted from this,

3. Get rid of unnecessary monthly bills

Is there anything reassuring monthly expenses you can do without? Could you save that money or spend it on things that actually make you happy? A $5 daily coffee can save you over $100 dollars a month.

That is $100 you can add to your vacation fund or spend time with loved ones. What about that second car? Do you really need all of those extra cable channels? Be ruthless and edit unnecessary monthly bills out.

4. Be cognizant of where and when you spend time

They say time goes by when you are having fun. Worst, time goes by slower when you are unhappy and not having fun. Be deliberate in scheduling time to pursue happiness. Do things that put a smile on your face today and warm your heart.

The job will always be there and not be %100 percent can yield less than stellar results. Taking a break, spending more time with good friends and family will enhance your productivity at work overtime. You and the important people in your life will also be happier when you devote more time to them.

5. Create memories, not buy things and Enjoy The Simple Life

When you think about the great memories, remember what stands out. Do more of that. Was it the stuff you owned or the people you shared the time with? Have you ever seen a child ignore all of the expensive toys they own and play with pots and pans? That is always a great memory. LOL

The great memories that make life more enjoyable are not focused on stuff. The focus is usually on the people and the time you spend with them. This is the foundation of a simple life.

Plan to create these great memories as often as possible. Those memories will last a lifetime. Remember “The Simple Life Manifesto”. It is a great tool.

6. Connect more with nature

Nature is as simple and grounded as life gets. Make it a point to get outside in the fresh air and sun daily. I will be good for your lungs and overall health. Kick-off your shoes and socks and walk in the grass. Take a walk, run, bike or just marvel at the shapes in the clouds.

If it is summer do outdoor summer things and enjoy the weather. If it is winter, do winter outdoor things and enjoy the brisk, cold air. Ground yourself in nature and realized you are a small trivial part of the universe.

The universe will not collapse because you took time away from your busyness. The world will continue turning and your time here will be better for it.

7. Slow down, simple life Steps

A life lived slowly is a life well-lived. Take the time to smell the roses, really listen to the children, and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. When you rush you miss things. Important things. This is one of the simple life steps that contribute greatly to overall health and wellbeing.

Don’t become a member of the rat race. Life is not a race. Slow down and live a simple life with less stress. Trust me you will not be missing a thing. Get in the Long Line, Go Slow and Live More.

8. Learn new things

Be open to learning new things that you enjoy. You may have spent years learning a profession or earning degrees on your quest towards success. Did you enjoy that time? Did you do it for your parents? No matter the reason for taking the time to explore things that interest you will bring more joy to your life.

If you enjoy cooking, take a culinary class at the community college. Get the degree or certificate that you have always dreamed of. Become the person your childhood self-thought you would become. Becoming an Astronaut may be a bit of a reach but go for the next best thing.

There is an Adult Space Academy you can give a try. If you enjoy dancing take that a Hip-Hop dance class you were too embarrassed to sign up for. Why not. Make the time and have family and friends join you. Imagine your mother busting a few moves. LOL. That will get a few YouTube hits and create lifetime memories.

10. Now go change the world

Living a simple life can do wonders for your long-term peace and happiness. It will not take much to achieve, just a change in mindset and the world will reap the rewards.

Live the simple life of less stress, greater memories, more contact with nature, and a new sense of priorities. Get out there and change the world. The simple life will become contagious. NOW Go! Git!




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2 thoughts on “10 Simple Life Steps That You Can Use To Enjoy Life More”

  1. Avatar Hari S Nair says:

    Hii Tony,

    Your blog is awesome and I loved all these points but especially “create memories” is that resonated with me the most, that’s what life is, rather than thinking about past or future we should be focused on this very moment so that it could be remembered as a good memory later on!

    1. Thanks for your comment Hari. Creating beautiful memories with family and good friends is essential. I would be great if more of us would remember that point everyday.

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