Dumpster Diving Tips, Is It for You or Does it Disgust You?

Dumpster Diving Tips

Dumpster Diving Tips


Dumpster Diving Tips? This report was done in 2007 and nothing has changed. If I saw it then I would say I would NEVER Dumpster Diving but now I have changed my mind. In the past years as I subconsciously have been moving towards a more simple life.

I have begun to notice a few things as I work doing service calls around the New York City area. Seeing what looked like perfectly good food sitting out on the street in trash bags waiting for pick up.

I was always too embarrassed to investigate.  Until one day I witnessed (I pre-conceived to be a bum) a person opening the bags. He was pointing out that there were perfectly good vegetables and packaged goods in those bags.




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Even then many people were too proud to investigate. Some spent money on the food truck a few yards away or just did without food. Today my views have changed and I now actively look for the possibility of perfectly good food being thrown away.

I have no problem investigating. My problem is I have drawn a line at Dumpster Diving Tips and in NYC the bags are out on the street. I am not sure why but I seem to have turned my nose up to look into a dumpster for the possibility of finding perfectly good food.

I guess some others would like to pay top dollar for the food also. LOL.

A few evenings ago I went to a few food markets on my way to catch the train back to New Jersey and witnessed a man looking through garbage bags out on the streets. I stopped to ask if there was anything good.

He looked at me as if I were making fun of him.

As I began to look through the bags also he pointed out there was a bag of meat in it. I looked in the bag expecting to see a rotting festering mess but to my surprise, I found perfectly packaged Filet Mignon.

More than I could eat and the only thing I could find wrong with it was the sell-by date had passed. As I live in New Jersey and would more likely encounter dumpsters rather than bags on the street.

I now ask myself the question of is dumpster diving good for me? The filet Mignon was GREAT!



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