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  1. John Savage says:

    Absolutely spot on!!!!!

    My three children have plenty of toys we have accumulated over the years.

    Okay, so as a family we’re good in the sense we are very minimalist but the idea of donating the toys their not asking about is genius!!

    very rarely to they play with 90% of their toys.

    Great ideas Tony!

    1. Let us know how it works John. It should work well. If you don’t find yourself fighting back a mutiny, you will be doing well 😉

  2. Thanks for your great home declutter tips Tony! I like every single idea but when it comes to kids it is really hard to apply some of these tips. I have a nine year old daughter and our living room sometimes becomes a mess. She always wants to play with them when she comes back from school. I put the toys in a big basket and put it in the corner when playing session is finished.I would like to throw away some unnecessary toys but she opposes to this idea every time I ask. My husband came up with a great idea that I don’t ask her anymore and I occasionally throw some unnecessary and old toys away without asking her.It is really a reason for a relief…

    1. I agree Halide. Kid are difficult to adopt the program. If the toy basket in the corner is all you can get you have accomplished a lot. See how much she would object to the one new toy in one old toy out program.