Home Declutter Tips That Enhance Life and Promote a Sense of Order

home declutter tips

Home Declutter Tips


Does home declutter tips? We all would love to have the well maintained fabulous home we see in magazines, on TV, online, and love to learn the home decluttering tips to help achieve the look. If there is chaos in your home there is most likely chaos in your life.

There is no way to manage to have a nice tranquil clutter-free home, where you can sit down, read, and have a cup of tea if your life is stressed.

Getting your home in order is a prelude to getting your life in order. I am not talking about the old shove all the junk in the closet, attic, or garage fix.

That is the worst solution because you know the junk is there and you will be occasionally thinking about it takes away from your potential joy. Good home decluttering tips can help.

When you learn to remove time, energy, and finances robbing possessions from your home you will find newfound freedom. You will realize they were not essential to your happiness.

You and your family will spend that newfound time, energy, and finances on each other and what you deem really important.

I will offer home decluttering tips that will assist in making that happen for you. These living simple ideas are essential to the battle for ridding ourselves of that life robbing clutter.

The battle is real, as this stuff will constantly enter our homes and lives if we are not vigilant.

If we work hard we can defeat this clutter and curtail the accumulation of useless possessions that may enter our homes during the week. We look to create a home that you can walk into on any day of the week, make yourself a cup of tea, and sit down and relax.

I mean truly relax while looking around and not finding anything that needs urgent attention. Here are home decluttering tips that will help..Try 90 Days To A Clean And Organized Home.





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Attack Junk Mail Onsite

Aside from being an environmental hazard junk mail can be a massive problem in many homes. Treat junk mail as an unwanted home invader. Place a wastebasket as close to the mail receptacle as possible.

Place the unwanted junk mail in it on-site, Don’t even bring it in the house. Then separate your important mail and do what you normally do with it.

This way you don’t have to dread sorting through many days worth of junk mail and the junk mail can be easily recycled at that time. Add this to your home decluttering tips.

Decluttering That Kitchen

Well, not the whole kitchen, just the countertops. Nothing makes a kitchen look more inviting and stress-free than empty countertops.

One of the best ways to achieve that look is to get rid of unnecessary, redundant gadgets that clutter the countertops.

If you have a single-purpose gadget that another multi-purpose gadget can do its job, get rid of it. Some of us love kitchen appliances and gadgets but stop it already.

Real Chefs don’t have half of the stuff that we would be Chefs have. I have NEVER seen a real Chef use a garlic press. They just whack that garlic clove with a heavy knife and keep it moving. LOL.

Now that you have the essential appliances you need to get them off of the counter. Find a cabinet, shelf or someplace else to store them. Clear those countertops. Now, look at your nice elegant clutter-free kitchen.

This may cut your cooking time in half as you will always have a clutter-free workspace to operate.

Decluttering Your Closet Daily

When getting dressed every day keep a mental note of the clothing that you are not wearing or may never wear. Cut the sentimental ties and be practical. Keep a box near the closet to put them in.

The items that you do not miss in 30 days donate, sell, or give them away. You will begin to notice the things you really like that remain fit in the closet better as it gets easier to find things to wear.

You may even find yourself getting dressed quicker in the morning. I even went as far as creating a Uniform Wardrobe to aid my getting dress in the morning and cut down on decision fatigue. Home declutter tips that save time.

Care For Clothing Immediately Home Decluttering Tips

This is just between me and you. If you tell anyone I will deny it with a straight face, LOL. I have been known to come home and immediately begin to disrobe on my way to the couch or bedroom.

I would then look to see a trail of shoes and clothing leading to my resting place. Being a single guy there was no HELL TO PAY! Those were the days.

No one can truly relax with clothes laying all over on the floor. Don’t wait to be trained by a loved one to end that bad behavior. Just care for your clothing immediately.

Put your dirty clothes where they belong and put anything that is clean or can be worn again without washing where it belongs.

Immediately! Now you can relax in a stress-free environment without fearing the wrath of your significant another stumbling upon your mess. One day we will look to figure out how some of us find our dirty clothes magically become clean and folded. We will leave that for another day.

Kids Pick Up Your Toys

Many parents wonder where all the kid’s toys come from. That is a stupid question. They came from you. Now either you have to manage and control them or you teach the children to manage and control them.

Every evening teach the children to pick up their toys from all over the house and put them where they belong. This will help teach a little responsibility and it could be a bedtime ritual.

Any toys that you find after they have finished for the evening should be taken away and stored in a special place. If the children don’t ask about it after a week thinks about donating it.

Subsequently, you should regularly go through all of the toys with the children to see if they would like to donate some of them to needy children. This could even be mandatory in order to get new toys. One toy in one toy out.

Make Trash Day When The Magic Happens

Use your local trash or recycle day to declutter your home. Just do a quick sweep of your home. Get everyone involved, even the kids. Give everyone a set of tasks. Keep it quick and simple. Even make it fun to do.

Check for junk in the attic, garage, closets, kid’s toys, old food storage, and recycle paper to remove from your home. Devise a schedule. Maybe twice a month.

This is one of my favorite home decluttering tips and simple living ideas. This will help ensure your home remains a tranquil oasis you will love to retreat to every day.

Remove Decorations

I know this sounds harsh but follow me here. Most decorations in your home are just junk that gets in the way of cleaning. Much of it is tacky gifts and things you do not know what to do with.

Check EVERYWHERE! The attic, garage, bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen (even the cabinets), and the basement.

Sweep the house and remove everything that is not true art or that does not fill you with positive emotion. If you have not shaken that snow globe as it made you smile at the memories that come to mind get rid of it and everything like it. After the purge, cleaning will become easier.

Wash Dishes After Use

Nothing is a killjoy or even adds stress like a sink full of dirty dishes. Especially if you did not participate in creating them. Just clean them and get them out of the way as soon as possible after your meal.

If you are hand washing they get to busting suds shortly after your meal. If you are using the dishwasher rinse the dishes and load them in for later washing. Don’t wait too long to wash.

Keep All Flat Surfaces Clear

This should be a running theme for home decluttering tips. Clear desk, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, bedroom dressers, tabletops of clutter. Make it a daily practice to clear receipts, coins, paper clutter, and junk mail from surfaces.

Everything should have a place to go and once you put them there keep it that way. If you still have digital media return it to its place after use. Also, video games and your army of remote controls should be kept out of sight.

Don’t leave magazines and newspapers laying around. If you are still using them put them in their place after use. If they do not serve a purpose anymore don’t keep them around. Even if they have coupons you think you may use. Cut the coupons out of the magazine or newspaper and then recycle them.


These are simple home declutter tips but if you incorporate them into a daily routine that works for they will go a long way to enhance your life. You will return home after a long day of work to a clutter-free home. Everything in its place and all surfaces free of clutter.

Your home will be a tranquil stress-free place. Your children will grow Angel’s wings and a halo as they help to create this oasis for you. Ok, maybe not Angel Wings or a Halo but they will play their roles. How great will that be?

Give these home declutter tips a try and let me know how it goes after a few months. Also if there is anything that you can add please leave a comment. Try 90 Days To A Clean And Organized Home.




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4 thoughts on “Home Declutter Tips That Enhance Life and Promote a Sense of Order”

  1. Avatar John Savage says:

    Absolutely spot on!!!!!

    My three children have plenty of toys we have accumulated over the years.

    Okay, so as a family we’re good in the sense we are very minimalist but the idea of donating the toys their not asking about is genius!!

    very rarely to they play with 90% of their toys.

    Great ideas Tony!

    1. Let us know how it works John. It should work well. If you don’t find yourself fighting back a mutiny, you will be doing well 😉

  2. Thanks for your great home declutter tips Tony! I like every single idea but when it comes to kids it is really hard to apply some of these tips. I have a nine year old daughter and our living room sometimes becomes a mess. She always wants to play with them when she comes back from school. I put the toys in a big basket and put it in the corner when playing session is finished.I would like to throw away some unnecessary toys but she opposes to this idea every time I ask. My husband came up with a great idea that I don’t ask her anymore and I occasionally throw some unnecessary and old toys away without asking her.It is really a reason for a relief…

    1. I agree Halide. Kid are difficult to adopt the program. If the toy basket in the corner is all you can get you have accomplished a lot. See how much she would object to the one new toy in one old toy out program.

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