Finding The Minimalist Workflow To Propel Your Days On Autopilot

Minimalist Workflow

Minimalist Workflow


Now that I have downsized to only the essentials and the things I truly love, my life has been more simple, tranquil and my minimalist workflow is working well.

My 9 to 5 job recently released me from my duties and now I have 24hrs a to live the Freedom Life Style.

Finding a meaningful Minimalist Workflow after working a regular 9 to 5 has proven to be difficult. This sounds simple but it has its obstacles.

This article Will point out some of the problems I had and some of the solutions. 

I thought I was living free as I worked my 9 to 5 just because I spent most of my time in the field and not in a cubicle. I am just beginning to realize I had to limit digital and mental handcuffs.

Although they were bronze handcuffs they were handcuffs never the less.

I found it so appropriate that the company used the term released instead of fired. Sometimes it could really feel like being released from a life sentence and now I am free!

Even golden handcuffs will begin to feel like handcuffs over time if you are not free to do what you feel is important.

The problem I have found is now that I have been physically released I must learn to mentally released. To my extreme disappointment, my brain has been trapped in an employee mindset all of my adult life.

Yeah, it’s hard to admit but I just found this to be true. Horrifying! I had to develop a Minimalist Work Flow to be free of the employee mindset.







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Break The Employee Mindset to Get a Good Minimalist Workflow

I have had the minimalist mindset for a few, years now. Thinking I had the freedom mindset but I found out I was mistaken.

I have no timetables and no deadlines to adhere to anymore and I was a little bewildered.

I have to learn to avoid the make busy workflow and do more meaningful productive work.

When I was working a 9 to 5 and cut out sometime during the day, for myself or to get something entrepreneurial done I felt like I was productive.

Now that I have 24hrs to craft a free lifestyle I was lost.

Doing things just to feel busy has been creeping into my day.

I always enjoyed, walking around at New York City speed. It is more enjoyable to move like a tourist, slow, and deliberate. Unfortunately, I find myself eating fast.

Working fast and Planning things like there is a timetable.

I had to remember there is no timetable anymore just time. It’s taking my mind a little extra time to grasp that.

You can choose to catch a movie there is no rush. If I miss a time slot there will be another show. If I want to do anything there is no rush, it will be there tomorrow if I don’t get it today.

Get Your Minimalist Workflow On

My philosophy is to do the best right thing for me, for that day. I don’t want to work 8 or even 4 hours a day, hence the Minimalist WorkFlow.

There is no need to work just to feel busy. People do that every day at their 9 to 5.

My goal is to be more productive in the fewest amount of hours so I can live life and do the things that are important.

I now do a checklist of important things I would like to do for the next day and get them done first. I have found there is no need to check emails 100 times a day.

That is just a waste of time.

I have been working with checking email two to three times a day, relying on auto-responses and automated systems more.

I like to get up and find a public space to set up my office for the day. When I stay home I tend to do busy work all day.

Also, I need to get out and live like a tourist.

I try to write something for a blog or social media for about an hour.

Then I like to search for exchanges and mailers for about an hour for some free website traffic. At this time I will check my lead capture pages for any responses.

All the while I am monitoring my email.

As a result, I put my responses into their proper automated funnel and let it work.

I then spend almost two hours doing research and reading news and my favorite websites and blogs and looking for work to supplement my income.

Usually, I like to do two or three freelance jobs a week.

If things go well I will not need to freelance work and then I can travel and take this show on the road.

That is the end of my Minimalist Work Flow day and leaves me plenty to create some experiences and memories doing the things I love.

What is your minimalist workflow? What do you do to avoid doing work just to feel busy?

Is it possible to be productive for 8 hours a day? Can you really get it done in 4 hours instead of 8 and use the extra 4 to do what you really want to do?



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