I am a Minimalist, I Downsized, Edited, Decluttered, Now What?


I have downsized, edited and decluttered. I struggle to have enough clothing to do a load of laundry. My kitchen is cleared of what is not necessary. Everything there has a dual purpose and no purpose is duplicated.

I shop mindfully. Now ask myself if I really need the product or service before I purchase it. I don’t shop or eat for gratification, drive much less and enjoy the pleasures and the money I save using public transportation. I have cut the cable and entertainment cord. I did not sell or give away much stuff, I just used and did not replace what I had. Now I have more money, time and less junk to maintain.


I have learned to live like a tourist in my own town. I have lived and worked in the Tri-State area (New York metropolitan area) for all of my life and NEVER took advantage of what it had to offer. I just drove from point to point not experiencing much.

Now I live like a tourist as I make my way around one of the greatest cities in the world. Enjoying all of the sites, sounds, culture and entertainment the area has to offer.

I do enjoy life more living this new philosophy. There is much less clutter physically and mentally. There is mostly only what I need around me, the essentials and my pathways are more clear. I am out and about more enjoying what is around me to the fullest.

When out and about I notice more of what is around me more without a sense of urgency that I once had.  I have less stress and anxiety. There is nothing to feel uncomfortable or anxious about because that what was unnecessary was edited away

More, Less Minimalism or Decluttered

I believe being a minimalist or minimalism has no concrete definition. I believe it is different for everyone. For me it is what I stated above. This is what is making me happy at this time. I am enjoying the experience and that may change in time.

I have read about Minimalist that are happy living with 50 or 100 items and that is fine. If a person decided to live with only 50 items had 51 items that do not make them a bad Minimalist. Live and let live.

At this point in my Minimalist journey and there is nothing next. It’s not like training for a marathon for me. It’s not like I have to train to run a better time or to edit to get rid of more stuff to be a better Minimalist. I have no need to do more at this time.

I am happy with what I have decluttered physically and mentally in my life. Everything feels clean, crisp and basic. I have the feeling one has when they have cleaned the kitchen or bathroom and everything looks clean, uncluttered and spotless.

Now enjoying that feeling 24 hours a day. I feel that way because I don’t have enough stuff to get in the way of anything or clutter my environment.

Now I am just enjoying where I am in life with this philosophy and will not be doing more or less minimalism at this time. I will be taking the time to smell the roses and explore the possibilities with my new found free time.

One day I may decide to edit down to 50 items or a 400 square foot living space but not at this time.


Tony W
Tony W
Some people wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness. Learn to Live More With Less and Fund The Freedom Lifestyle. #minimalism #sustainable #freedomlifestyle

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