How do people living simple lifestyle find purpose?

living simple lifestyle

Living Simple Lifestyle


Many people believe that living a simple lifestyle or living the minimalist lifestyle is doing without. I could not disagree more. Is it possible to say that living simple and living the minimalist lifestyle you are doing without consumerism, materialism, repetitiveness, commonness and keeping up with the Joneses?

Finding Purpose By Living Simple Lifestyle

I am not saying that living simple or living the minimalist lifestyle will define your purpose but it will help clear a path for you to find some of the purposes in life. Life can be filled with a lot of useless garbage and noise fighting to gain your attention.

I would say 90% of the activity in the average person’s life is useless garbage and noise. Most of it is not needed to be successful in your most coveted goals.

Living a simple Lifestyle helps you to focus and block out that useless garbage and noise that permeates life in most societies.

People that are living simply become laser-focused on what is really important to them acquire the ability to suppress useless wants and desires.

When you don’t waste time thinking about consumerism, materialism, what car, toys or clothing to buy and keep up with the Joneses you have more time to focus on purpose and feel freer to pursue it.

Your attention is not constantly hijacked by things that don’t really matter and leaves you to think more deeply about life. This becomes more commonplace in the life of the person that is living simply and the minimalist lifestyle.



What Does Finding Purpose In Life Mean To You?

One person’s purpose for living will not be another’s. That is found and the beauty of it all. I believe we all would agree that any distractions that come between you finding purpose in your life or pursuing your life’s purpose are not a good thing.

Most people are still asking why the hell am I here? What the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life? Many get distracted by things like consumerism, materialism, repetitiveness and keeping up with the Joneses.

We may shop, eat and spend time at the mall because we are bored. It is said we buy stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t even like.

Have you found your purpose in life? Are you still looking? Are you even looking? Do you even care? Are you happy with the latest toys and apparel and the mall is your purpose? 😉

Does living simple or a minimalist lifestyle helps you find purpose in life? What does finding a purpose in life mean to you?



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