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desktop air conditioning units

Desktop Air Conditioning Units

Desktop air conditioning units are a dream come true for those in warmer climates. Just imagine desktop air conditioning units that you can easily take with where needed. Desktop air conditioning units that can sit on your desk, is energy efficient and cool the small area you occupy.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it because it is here. Evapolar has created the king of desktop air conditioning units that will cool your personal area. The Evapolar will reduce your energy usage while keeping things nice and cool.

Just think of the places you could use it. At home to cool a room, at work to cool your work area and any place of your choice. Turn off your energy hog air conditioning unit and use the energy efficient Evapolar to cool your room.

Most portable air conditioning units will not cool large rooms and the Evapolar will not either. Evapolar builds itself to be a personal air conditioner that simulates cool natural breeze, a humidifier for moistened air and a purifier which traps dust. Much different than traditional portable air conditioning units.



How Do Desktop Air conditioning Units Work?

The Evapolar uses a special evaporative nanomaterial, which enables it to effectively and efficiently cool an area. This technology allows the Evapolar to cool faster and create a personal evaporative microclimate around the user.

The Evapolar uses a little fan that runs air over a specialized material. An accordion of nonmaterial made of basalt fibers sucks in water through capillary action. A small, low-voltage fan blows air through the fibers creating “extremely intensive” evaporation and cooling. There is no pump or freon, just a little water, and a PC fan.

No installation, mounting or assembling needed, just plug the Evapolar into the proper power outlet out of the box. Let the efficient cooling begin. It is approximately one-tenth the size of a regular air conditioner and only weighs 3.7 lbs. This makes it the most portable of the desktop air conditioning units.

The Evapolar is 12 times more energy efficient than other desktop air conditioning units, which saves money on your monthly electrical bill. Due to the technology used in the cooling system, there is no need for the use of Freon or other chemical coolants – which certain air conditioners still need to function.


Is the Evapolar for you? Do you have the need to efficiently cool a small area? There are other portable air conditioning units, but they don’t use this technology.

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