Minimalist Clothing Care Tips You Should Know About

clothing care tips

Great clothing care tips and habits will save you time and money. Your clothing can be a significant investment and should be properly maintained to protect that investment.

Your clothing is not only an investment in money but also in time it took to shop, choose and purchase them. I hate shopping and look to avoid it whenever possible ;-(

Living the minimalist lifestyle my wardrobe is limited to a few essential items. Because of that, I am forced to purchase quality items and use these clothing care tips to protect my investment and maximize my time.

Edit Your Belonging Clothing Care Tips

It’s is best to work with clothing you love and are likely to wear during the current season. Clothing that is ill-fitting, worn out or not likely to be worn can cause chaos in your closet.

Get rid clothes fitting those categories. Ill-fitting clothes should never be kept around. Clothing that you no longer enjoy wearing should be sold, donated or given away.

Clothing that is out of season should be stored with similar clothing. Damaged or worn clothing should be repaired, repurposed or thrown out.

Once this is done you will have a clear vision of what you actually have to wear. You will save time getting dressed and be able to care for your clothing more easily.

Organizing Your Wardrobe Clothing Care Tips

Now that you have a solid base begin organizing your wardrobe. The simplest method is to color coordinate your wardrobe.

Group clothing according to colors and then try to group them depending on the activity they are primarily worn. This can be fun as you decide how they will be mixed and matched.

For example, formal clothing will never cross with gym attire but may cross with casual wear. As well, gym attire may mix with casual wear so have fun developing a system.

Clothing grouped into categories will have similar clothing care tips. When doing laundry or cleaning your clothes carefully read the care labels and separate accordingly.

Separating your clothes properly consist more than matching bright colors with bright colors, whites with whites and darks with darks. LOL.

Really follow the clothing care tips on the labels. Usually, you will be instructed to cool dry bright colors and use the gentle cycle for delicate clothing. Small steps like these will extend the life of your clothing and keep them looking new longer.



Dryer Clothing Care Tips

The clothing dryer can be notorious for shrinking clothing. When this happens all is not lost. Many of those items can be restored to their original size.

You don’t have to give away, throw out or donate those items.

One trick is to soak those shrunken items is hot water and hair conditioner for about five minutes. Yes, hair conditioner! Then let them air dry.

If you would like to go the extra step, gently try to stretch the items back into shape after the soaking. Then wear the damp items while they dry if you are really desperate to restore them to original size.

Stain Removal Clothing Care Tips

Stains are the number one reason clothing lifespan is cut short. I don’t know what it is about stains but they are a deal breaker. No one wants to wear anything thing with even the smallest stain on it. LOL.

Besides using stain removers or bleaching products try soaking the item in cool water with 1/2 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 teaspoon of vinegar for 30 minutes. Then rinse.

Sometimes even rubbing some hand sanitizer will remove a stubborn stain. For future reference here is a comprehensive Guide to Removing Stains From Clothing.

Smelly footwear Clothing Care Tips

Thoroughly washing clothing will remove all foul smells but what about shoes? Yeah, many people like to leave work boots out in a hallway or outside but what about other shoes?

Smelly shoes in your closet can permeate into your clothing.

There are a host of products available to get the stink out of shoes. If you have run out of the product you normally use try putting a few dry tea bags inside the shoes to absorb odors.

Another tip is to use fabric softener sheets on the inside of your closet to keep the closet smelling fresh.

Storage Clothing Care Tips

It is very important to wash your clothing before storing them, even if they don’t look dirty. Over time any dirt, sweat or soil on the clothing can set in to cause stains.

This is the #1 cause of the yellow looking stains found when clothing is removed from storage. Also, bugs are attracted dirt, strong scents and even smoke that may emanate from dirty clothing.

If the clothing is dry cleaned before storage remove them from the plastic as it may attract moisture, get musty, mildewed and combined with the excess heat can damage clothing.


Nothing fancy just basic clothing care tips. Living the minimalist lifestyle you limit the amount of clothing to what is needed. It’s very important to purchase quality clothing and protect your investment.

These clothing care tips will help extend the value and usefulness of your wardrobe. What clothing care tips would you add? Leave a comment below.

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