25 Easy Ways How Living Simple Can Save Money

How Living Simple Can Save Money

How Living Simple Can Save Money


How living simple can save money? The Living Simple Minimalism lifestyle has many benefits and saving money is one of them.

Saving money just for the sake of saving money is not a driving force for the Living Simple Minimalism Lifestyle. It is important to know what are the reasons to save money. Living simple can save money

First of all, to enable buying more stuff is the wrong reason. Saving money should be the byproduct of making life simpler by de-cluttering, downsizing, reducing, reusing, recycling and restoring what we use and don’t use.

Saving money so we can buy a house, so we can pay off debt, so we can invest in retirement, so we can pay for school, pay for what is essential, pay for great experiences etc. – these are some of the right reasons that saving money could finance.







25 Easy Ways How Living Simple Can Save Money.

  1. Cut cable, watch TV online only.
  2. Don’t drink beverages at restaurants.
  3. Order a couple of appetizers as an entree at restaurants.
  4. Increase your car insurance deductible (low probability of affecting the quality of life).
  5. Buy high-quality clothing and shoes.
  6. Bring your own bottles of wine to restaurants, and pay the corkage fee (when you would have bought a bottle anyway).
  7. Depending on where you live, take public transportation — this can actually improve the quality of life by making commuting time into productive time.
  8. Set all bills on autopay to avoid late fees.
  9. Open a high-yield savings account.
  10. Downgrade your morning coffee by 1-2 sizes and/or to drip coffee.
  11. Buy used when you can.
  12. Keep your hands clean. This is a step the will keep you more healthy.
  13. Remove your credit card numbers from your online accounts. Make buying online more difficult than a few clicks.
  14. Try generic brands of items you buy regularly.
  15. Declutter to save some cash. Downsize, reduce, reuse, recycle and restore. The less stuff you have to manage will save you time and money.
  16. Use reliable, fuel-efficient cars.
  17. Eating breakfast may help you to avoid spending money on lunch during the day.
  18. Buy clothing that mix and match well to help reduce having to buy a large wardrobe.
  19. Look for a cheaper place to live.
  20. Start a garden.
  21. Cut your own hair.
  22. Carpool.
  23. Get a crock pot.
  24. Eat less meat.
  25. Enjoy the results.

Just a few simple ways of how living simply can save money. These are the money-saving ways that I find popular with those who live the simple way of life. In “How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started” many more ways to save money are discussed.

These tips will benefit anyone looking to save money from living simply.


How Living Simple Can Save Money


Pursuing What’s Most Important

When we focus on pursuing what’s most important in our lives we avoid the distractions of consumerism that cost us money. Even people that command high salaries can mistakenly live a luxurious hand-to-mouth lifestyle.

Living Simple Minimalist saves money without even trying and live more with less.

Living Simple Minimalist is not defined by the possessions they own. Actually, it is the complete opposite. Living Simple Minimalist is constantly editing and removing the unnecessary from their lives to only be left with the most important and essential possessions.

This saves money.

Living Simple Minimalist also knows there is no such thing as a great deal. There are only the greatest needs. When you pass a SALE sign they know there is no sale if they don’t need the item. Even if it is 80% off they will have 20% less in their pocket if they purchase the unnecessary item.

Living Simple Minimalist would not by an item that they did not need or an item that another item they already own could perform the same duty. Avoiding the sales trap constantly saves money.

The basic principles that a Living Simple Minimalist live by help them not spend foolishly. Living Simple Minimalist value experiences over stuff. Buying anything that does not fulfill a need or provide value to life is avoided.

The lifestyle does not lead to impulse buying. This saves money. Living simple can save money.

A core principle in Livings Simple Minimalism is not owning a lot of stuff. Constantly editing and de-cluttering possessions they own essential items that add value to life.

Speaking to the impulse buy Living Simple Minimalist usually ask a few questions before they buy an item.

They ask questions like where will I put this new item? Do I already own an item that will fill the same need for this new item? If I already owned this item and lost it would I immediately replace it? Asking this type of question before spending saves money.

Living Simple Minimalist knows that overall happiness cannot be bought. Owning and managing stuff will ultimately never make you happy. Owning a 12 bedroom mansion is work.



Even if you hire a staff to manage the home it still works. Wondering what is going on when you are not there is, even more, work. All of the unused space will become a burden.

I find it interesting that when many people are asked what they would do it they won the lottery they often state that they would buy something they would essentially be a job. Why do that? That will not add value to your life.

Living Simple Minimalist knows that shopping with a black card will not ultimately make them happy. They know that creating memories with family and good friends is one of the top components that lead to happiness.

Living simple can save money at every turn. What are some of the principals in your lifestyle that saves money? Are there any new principals you would like to adapt to your lifestyle that makes it easy for you to save money?


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