Simple One Minute Test Answers Your Question, How Long Will I Live?

How Long Will I Live

How Long Will I Live?


Average life expectancy is something you tend to think more about the older you get. Like me, many people are curious about how long will they live.

They begin to ask questions like, what is average life expectancy? Or more importantly, how long will I live? LOL. What about you? Are you curious about your life expectancy?

Let’s shed some light on that question and offer a quick and simple test to accurately answer it.

What is the Average Life Expectancy?

Almost everyone believes they know the definition of life expectancy but do they really? There is an agreed-upon way to measure life expectancy and how long a person may live.

Let’s see if your definition coincides with the agreed-upon definition. Probably not!


Life expectancy is a statistical measure of the average time an organism is expected to live, based on the year of its birth, its current age and other demographic factors including gender.





Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to living a long and healthy life. Living as long as humanly possible can be as simple to achieve as proper nutrition, regular exercise, and proper sleep.

Of course, for most of us, it is not that simple. Life expectancy will vary because it is calculated as the number of years a person is expected to live using their current age as a starting point.

For example, Americans are now living longer than any previous generation. The average life expectancy for a 65-year-old American is 17.7 years for a male and 20.3 years for a female.

That means that the average 65-year-old man should live to almost 83 and the average woman should live to over 85. The even better news is least half of us may live a lot longer according to The Social Security Administration.

There is a quick test that can answer the question of how long will I live? We will discuss that later 😉

How Long Will I Live Past Age 65?

Age 65 years old is a great starting point because if you are lucky enough to reach that age you are grateful and consider the remaining years as gravy. LOL.

Many people begin to also ask the question of how long will I live? For people in that age group and older life expectancy becomes a popular topic along with comparing ailments and medications. LOL.

Yes, human beings are living longer but science is wondering whether humans have reached the peak of potential longevity? How long can a human being live?

Male Female
1950 12.8 15
1960 12.8 15.8
1970 13.1 17
1980 14.1 18.3
1990 15.1 18.9
2000 16 19
2010 17.7 20.3
SOURCE: Center for Disease Control



Will life expectancy continue to increase? Will reaching 150 years of age become commonplace? How long would you like to live? It may be possible if current longevity trends to continue.

One Minute Test Can Predict How Long You Will Live

Beyond all of the research and data crunching, there are simple tests your doctor can perform to predict how long you may live.

There are also more obvious conditions that are great predictors of how long you will live. For instance, if you were a Gazelle walking with a pronounced limp across the African Serengeti Plains your life expectancy could be measured in minutes. LOL.

More commonly, there are lifestyle choices that will increase or diminish a person’s life expectancy. Did you know there is a quick and simple test that can accurately predict how long you will live?

Oh, you have heard mention of such a test. I wonder where? LOL.

12,000 participants who were diagnosed with specific forms of heart disease had their performance on an echocardiogram machine studied.

The researchers at The European Society of Cardiology found that participants’ performance on a treadmill was equal to their life expectancy. The better they performed on the treadmill the higher the life expectancy.

I could have told them that and it would have only cost a six-pack of beer. LOL.

It’s like the one where two friends unexpectedly cross paths with a grizzly bear in the woods and life expectancy was measured by who could run the fastest. LOL. Some things are just obvious.

There is an even more simple test that can accurately answer the question of how long will I live. It does not require expensive equipment or even doctors. As practicing Minimalist I appreciate simple.

This simple test that can accurately predict how long you will live is simply . . . . climbing 4 flights of stairs. Yeah, that is it! If a person is able to run up 4 flights of stairs in a minute, they demonstrate good heart health and lower risk of premature death.


If you can climb 4 flights of stairs in one minute your heart is at its prime and your life expectancy is normal. If you can not climb 4 flights of stairs in one minute you need to include more exercise into your routine.

Exercise plays a major role in achieving and maintaining optimal health and longevity, along with a balanced diet and ample rest. It’s just that simple.

Check out My System For Optimal Health and Longevity. It’s very simple and easy to achieve. Create a lifestyle that automatically and positively answers the question of how long will I live?



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