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  1. Thanks for your comment Juan. The present is all there really is. I have been meaning to take a closer look into NLP. My initial research has been promising.

  2. Very inspiring article. I completely agree on living the present moment. I recently did an NLP course and it greatly helped me to take ownership of my life and focus on the moment…

  3. I really like your approach. Self-discovery as a path to success. I always enjoy learning more about me and how I can be efficient with my time. I realize that the less I struggle. the more I become more creative. It is sounding counterintuitive, but it worked for me.

    Great post!.. have a great day!

  4. Hillard Mellin says:

    My wife is a stay in the present kind of person. She doesn’t worry about the past and puts it behind her, and she doesn’t plan for the future. She just thinks about the here and now. she says, “You can change the past and the future hasn’t happened. Worry about today.” We do that. I love this article. How the world would be different if more people put this into practice. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Hillard. You and your wife are way ahead of me. I have been living in the present for a few years now and my world has not collapsed yet. LOL. I actually enjoy life more giving up worry and anxiety. I found that doing my best today is more than enough to take care of the future. Like you guys I love enjoying the present.

  5. Hello Tony!

    Thank you for your article. I enjoyed reading it and I believe that you are especially right when you are telling that “Your Goals are far more important than the results”. I easily get discouraged when the things go wrong… I don’t know why I don’t trust myself more… I would like to be like other people and be daring and build my successful business, yet somehow I keep thinking about what if I will fail. I always try to have a backup plan and I believe that this is just a bad mentality because if you are always relying on a backup plan, you will never give 100% on your first plan since you already start with doubts. What is your opinion about this? Do you prefer to risk it all or to be cautious?

    1. Thanks for your comment Andrei. When you live in the present there is no need for a backup plan. All your really have in the here and now. The past is gone. Even the time you started reading this is gone. Forget about it. The future has not happened yet and you cannot control it. Put your energy in the present. Enjoy it without any doubt. It is very difficult to enjoy life if you are filled with doubt about the next few hours in the future. Don’t waste your life worrying about tragedies that are likely to never happen. Taking risk? Re-read the “Recognize your limitations” part of the post. Doing your best is never a risk. You are here, now, do your best and ENJOY IT!