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  1. HI Tony, Yes, I have to admit, I am guilty of leading the busyness life. Not out of pride but out of a feeling of duty. I rarely take time to do what makes me happy so I can accommodate for everyone else’s happiness and needs. I also saw my sister in these words. I honestly get so tired of here her complain about how busy she is and she just doesn’t have time to do anything, but she never really gets a whole lot accomplished. Thank you for putting so much into perspective for me.

    1. Thanks for the comment Suzette. Busyness can be an illusion. Especially when you are busy getting nothing done. Doing for others is great but I belive if you do a little for yourself the more you can do for the ones you love. I am sure doing for yourself will include them a lot of the times anyway. LOL

  2. interesting and very important article. I think balance is a key word that people seem to have forgotten about. I think we have all evolved to live through busy periods, and its easy for it to take over your life and make you forget whats important

    1. I agree Bren. Balance is the key. Sometimes we pride ourselves on MORE! More work, more stuff, more instant gratification and no sleep. We should also learn more balance that out with rest, vacations, better health and creating memories with good friends and family.

  3. Jorge Machado says:

    This is a great aesthetic site!

    1. Thanks. Sometimes less is more. There is genus is in simplicity 😉

  4. Lefty McDuff says:

    good insights Tony. It’s difficult to remember to “protect the asset” at times. we get so busy “doing” and don’t take the time for ourselves. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, your are the asset that needs protecting. The airline industry pounds that into their customers head. In the event cabin pressure is lost, they teach you to put you mask on first the help loved ones and others.
      It works for them and for you. That leave more people to help them help others in the event of emergency. If you don’t take care of the asset you may have to rely on others to take care of you and yours.