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  1. I totally agree that money can’t buy happiness and if you’re an unhappy person, no amount of money can reverse that. I do believe though that money can facilitate happiness. What I mean is that money can afford someone the possibility to do some things that others who don’t have money can’t do.It may not be able to buy happiness but it sure has a big role to play in it. I want to make a lot of money for the experiences that it would afford me…the things that it would allow me to do. But I definitely am not going to focus all my time on it, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks, Lindsey. Money can play a huge part one life. Like the study states, money can buy happiness when you earn less than $75,000 a year. I found that after basic food and shelter needs are met money was not much of a factor as to the happiness of an individual. When lottery winners are studied money seems to have an adverse effect. Go figure. LOL. I bet you agree with me. We will take our chances with the boatload of money.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan. You can only enjoy the journey is you are doing something you love and or have great support along the way.

  3. Oh. I didn’t know you get paid even if you lose the round! I never thought much about it really.

    But yeah, she lost and it’s all over Youtube and the internet. She’s probably a little embarrassed to show in public, and I am sure she feels depressed about it. And I agree with you about her personality, she always seems a little too puffed up with herself.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ben. Yeah, despite earning 3 million dollars she was bummed out. In contrast her opponent earned $200,000 plus a percentage of ppv and was very happy.