Ronda Rousey: Proof Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Be Happy

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money Can’t Buy Happiness


Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can help. Ronda Rousey earned 3 million dollars in 48 seconds and she left the arena pissed off. I know she was disappointed about losing the fight but what is really important?

We should always strive to keep the important things in our lives front and center. Family, good friends, good relationships, great experiences, and good health usually top the most list. If you don’t have most of that happiness will elude you.

Tens of thousands of people came to Las Vegas to watch you do your thing and party with you. Then you reward them by leaving off pissed off. I think she wasted the opportunity to create GREAT memories partying with friends and family.

If she had true friends and family there, they would have been able to cheer her up and go enjoy the once in the lifetime party atmosphere.

Now she only has bad video clips, unfaltering pictures, and trolls to document that night. No wonderful pictures, video, and memories to counterbalance the negative. Just imagine the beautiful pictures and videos she could have posted on social media for her fans.

That is one of the things I loved about Mike Tyson. He would knock an opponent out in a few rounds and they were still in good enough condition to party all night.

He would hug them and shake hands. In the old days, boxing matches went 15 rounds and both fighters would spend two weeks in the hospital nursing wounds.




What Do We Need To Be Happy In Life?

First and foremost human beings need for food and shelter rockets to the top of the list. Without a reliable source of food and shelter, it’s virtually impossible to be happy for a long period of time.

Money is usually needed to secure food and shelter in our modern society. Beyond that, how much does money contribute to our overall happiness? Money can buy a whole lot of “things” that can make you happy in the short term. Money can not buy the essentials for long-term happiness.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at Ronda Rousey (or many other celebrities). Let me announce this disclaimer. I AM NOT A RONDA ROUSEY FAN. Her personality makes it difficult for me to even like her even a little bit. She has displayed herself to be a mean and nasty bully in public. I don’t like that in a person.

That behavior is not entirely her fault. I believe it is a reaction to her circumstances. She has become a meal ticket for everyone around her. Outside of her mother, I think the people around her don’t even like her.

They are there for the money. I don’t think they make decisions that are in her best interest. Money can’t buy real friends and money can’t buy the happiness that love of good friends and family would provide.

If I were in that position I may be a bit of an asshole too. Feeling that I have made it to the top of the world but also feeling that something is missing.

The most human being can feel when they are loved and also can feel when they are not. A lot of relationships are built on these types of toxic foundations.

Money and Friends Don’t Mix

In my never to be humble opinion Dana White (President of the UFC) used Ronda Rousey. Nothing malicious at first. Just the kind of mutual back-scratching that normally happens in business.

Looks like she was not ready for the snakes she got into bed with. She saw an opportunity and they saw fresh meat.

When you acquire money or any level of success it draws a type of person to you that you may not be accustomed to. The Opportunist.

Dana White made Ronda Rousey rich but he may have caused a tremendous amount of pain along the way. He built her up on a false platform and she believed it all. Does the money make it ok?

When you realize money can’t make you happy you have to say no. When you have no money and no ability to provide the basics of life then you must say yes. A Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School study says money can buy happiness when you earn less than $75,000 a year.

That makes sense to me. Again, without the ability to provide reliable food and shelter it is almost impossible for human beings to be happy.

I guess the truth is, money can’t buy happiness after you earn $75,000 a year. The people and the problems that come with large amounts of money can erode your quality of life.

If you are not a grounded person with the core value and a game plan on how you would like to live life, large amounts of money can destroy you. We see that with lottery winners.

Minimalist principles help me stay grounded and have a default position in many aspects of life. Being in survival mode may be appropriate when you are food and shelter insecure.

Once you acquire the basics you may want to change modes. Enjoy life and purge the snakes. Don’t do something strange for change. LOL


“I was just trying to make too many people happy,” Rousey said. “But when I try and do favors and make everybody else happy, at the end of the day, they walk away happy and I’m the one who has to deal with the depression. All the pay-per-views in the world, all the money in the world, it means f*cking nothing to me because I lost.” – BLOODY ELBOW


It may not be greed that pushes you to pursue more after the basics are acquired. It may be fear of failure, the drive to be successful of just the trappings of this consumerist society.

This can cause many problems and stress in your life. The pursuit of more and more can cause you to neglect the truly important things in your life.

The pursuit of more and more can allow the opportunist in your life as you lower your guard. The people that don’t have your best interest at heart. People that are only interested in what you have or what you can do for them.

I believe these are the type of people that surround Ronda for her newfound fame and fortune.

These type of people will sap your joy and cause a lot of stress, even without you realizing it. I believe this is one of the causes of Ronda Rousey’s bad attitude. Mike Tyson could be the poster child for falling victim to these type of people.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Why Less Can Be More

When most of us think of voluntarily seeking less money we experienced an involuntary sinking feeling in our stomach. Don’t worry it will pass. The other alternative would be to manage the people in your life that may be after our money. Be warned, shady people can be hard to detect.

They look for light and goodness and try to steal it. Keep them away from what is important in your life.

Some people will do anything to be accessible with money, power, and success. In his classic Rap song “Ten Crack Commandments” The Notorious B.I.G said”


“Your moms’ll set that ass up, properly gassed up
Hoodied and masked up, shit, for that fast buck
She be laying in the bushes to light that ass up”


That is a sad truth about human beings in our modern society. His money, fame, and accusations got him killed. He wrote about his demise in a few of his songs.

Ronda embedded herself with a den of snakes. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to eat. She began to win and win ugly. Boring fights where she would win by twisting her opponent’s arms (her signature armbar). This is fine when you are fighting for survival.

I would scratch and bite to win, survive and eat.

Dana White protected her as she made money for the organization. He did not recruit the best female fighters into the UFC and he had Ronda avoid others. Ronda became a cash cow for the UFC and her whole team. They told her she was the best and she believed it.

She had the look and skill for great promotions. But no one told her there were REAL monsters out there. Big bad Brazilian ones.

Now that she has lost two big fights, many MMA fans are against her because of her nasty attitude and she has was depressed by that. I guess you reap what you sew. I am sure she began to find out who her true friends were and that may have been none. Looks like Hollywood has pulled the plug on her too. Looks like the Hollywood snakes only like winners.

It’s is true. Money Can’t Buy Happiness. You can have tons of money in the bank, fame, and fortune and still be unhappy. Ronda probably was happier before she reached the proverbial $75,000 a year.

I bet she was happier during the journey to fame and fortune.

Now everyone is debating whether she should stage a comeback, go to Hollywood or join the WWE. For some reason pursuing happiness is not discussed. Remember, Money Can’t Buy Happiness.

Why would she get back in bed with a bunch of snakes again?

Believe it or not, Mike Tyson’s jail time was the best thing to happen to him. It gave him time to think. To get away from the likes of Don King and the rest of the snakes that used him most of his life.

Just like Ronda, he found out who his real friends were. Now Mike Tyson looks happy. Doing movies, TV and one-man shows.

Ronda should seek happiness instead of more fame and fortune. There is a no larger den of human snakes on the planet than the UFC, Hollywood, and the WWE. After unhappiness and thoughts of suicide, why would she want to do that again? Money Can’t Buy Happiness and get in bed with snakes will not end well.

Find Out What Makes You Happy and Go!

Money Can’t Buy Happiness so don’t focus entirely on making money. When you think of your happiest times I bet money had nothing to do with it. Time is important and good times are priceless.

Be mindful of how you spend your time. Spending a large amount of time with friends and family is always the best. I always remember these words from a song.


No such thing as spare time
No such thing as free time
No such thing as down time
All you got is life time

Henry Rollins – Shine


Money can’t buy happiness after your basic needs are met. The extra work and not pursuing what you really enjoy may be a great waste of time. You don’t have an endless amount of time.

Money can’t buy happiness and all you really have is a lifetime. Sometimes life can be simple. Find out what really makes you happy and do more of it. Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Now go!



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5 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey: Proof Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Be Happy”

  1. I totally agree that money can’t buy happiness and if you’re an unhappy person, no amount of money can reverse that. I do believe though that money can facilitate happiness. What I mean is that money can afford someone the possibility to do some things that others who don’t have money can’t do.It may not be able to buy happiness but it sure has a big role to play in it. I want to make a lot of money for the experiences that it would afford me…the things that it would allow me to do. But I definitely am not going to focus all my time on it, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks, Lindsey. Money can play a huge part one life. Like the study states, money can buy happiness when you earn less than $75,000 a year. I found that after basic food and shelter needs are met money was not much of a factor as to the happiness of an individual. When lottery winners are studied money seems to have an adverse effect. Go figure. LOL. I bet you agree with me. We will take our chances with the boatload of money.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dan. You can only enjoy the journey is you are doing something you love and or have great support along the way.

  3. Oh. I didn’t know you get paid even if you lose the round! I never thought much about it really.

    But yeah, she lost and it’s all over Youtube and the internet. She’s probably a little embarrassed to show in public, and I am sure she feels depressed about it. And I agree with you about her personality, she always seems a little too puffed up with herself.

    1. Thanks for your comment Ben. Yeah, despite earning 3 million dollars she was bummed out. In contrast her opponent earned $200,000 plus a percentage of ppv and was very happy.

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