Learn How To Turn Clutter Into Cash Machines and Simplify Your Life

Turn Clutter Into Cash Machines

Turn Clutter Into Cash Machines


We all like to earn a little quick cash and I am going to show you how to turn clutter into cash machines today. You have learned to Downsize, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Restore.

Now learn how to turn clutter into cash machines while simplifying your life. It is nice to donate your unwanted clutter and see it go out the door but it would be even nicer to have a little cash return in its place.

In her New York Times Best Selling Book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.

Now I am going to help you find out what to do next with those unwanted items. You can re-gift and donate them or you can also sell them and turn clutter into cash machines.

It can sound easier than it actually is. You don’t want to sell your unwanted items to become a part-time job. I have found the easiest ways to sell your unwanted items and to turn clutter into cash machines.

There are traditional ways, garage sales, and consignment stores. More modern ways millennials would use like eBay and Craigslist. There are smartphone apps that will sell those items to you.

For those of you that just don’t have any time there are also services that will allow you to send the items to them and they will sell it for you and send you the profits.

When I began the simple living minimalist lifestyle I enjoyed the benefits but had to manage the items I no longer wanted and needed. I gifted most of it and donated a lot of it.

I later learned that it could be easy to sell my unwanted items as they become available. Here are some of the ways I have learned to turn clutter into cash machines.



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Garage Sales Turn Clutter Into CasMachines

The garage sale is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of selling your unwanted items. If you live in a community where garage sales are done often, you don’t have to sell your items alone.

You and your neighbors could get together to hold a garage sale and turn clutter into cash.

Clutter can be overwhelming when it is first confronted. You don’t have to get rid of it all at once. Take your time. Most communities allow you to have a few garage sales a year.

Take advantage of it. Time is on your side and this should be stress-free.

Consignment Stores

In most communities, you will have at least one consignment store. Just because you have not noticed one does not mean they do not exist in your community. Look around, I am sure you will find one or more.

It can be a great place to sell that quality clothing you would like to sell. Have them sell it for you and you share a percentage of the profits with them.

At each change of season go through your closets and find anything you would like to get rid of. Even try Thrift Stores. Don’t hold on to anything just in case you may need it.

Edit and de-clutter it. I would also recommend that any money you make should be spent at the consignment store instead of the mall. All of the items that could not be sold should then be donated to The Salvation Army, Good Will, or a similar organization.

E-Bay and Craigslist

These are the types of choices that millennials think of first when thinking of selling unwanted items. Craigslist is very popular in this regard because it is more local.

You can sell small items and large bulky items alike (cars, furniture, and appliances) all the same. No shipping required.

One of the downsides is you will have to make time to meet the seller and you may have to haggle on the price. Some people are leery of having strangers know where they live or have safety concerns about meeting strangers to complete the sale.

eBay is popular because it has a larger reach. eBay is good for smaller items and items that you would not mind shipping. You don’t have to meet strangers and you can allow the service to aid in completing the transactions.

Older Electronics Turn Clutter Into Cash Machines

The local Game Stop store will buy your old video games. You won’t get a great price but the real goal is to get rid of clutter and turn that clutter into cash Machines.

Many of us throw our old electronics in a draw when we purchase new electronics. We say we will do something with them but we never do. Most of us have a small fortune hiding in those draws.

Devices like old smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, eReaders and gaming consoles can be quickly sold online.

Use online services like Gazelle.com and TrippleClicks.com to trade your junk in. Gazelle will give you a guaranteed price quote and send you prepaid packing so you can send the device to them for evaluation. Once received they will pay you the agreed-upon price.

You can get about $80 for that old phone. How much money could you earn from reclaiming that junk drawer? You turn clutter into cash and gain extra storage space at the same time.

Most people don’t realize that you can trade old electronics in box stores like Target or Amazon in exchange for gift cards. It’s like money because you can put them towards new purchases.

Old Clothes

How much clothing have you thrown away over the years? Why not sell it? You know all of the traditional ways to sell your old clothing why not try something new? Check out services like ThredUp.comRecycleYourFashions.com, eBay Valet, and Grail.

You can use these services to turn clutter into cash. All of these online services will take clothing that is low or high quality and help you sell it.

College Textbooks

College textbooks and supplies can cost almost as much as the course you are taking. LOL. For those of you who have textbooks stacked up somewhere in your home, we have a few services you should check out, Book ScouterBook Finder, Amazon Trade-inCash4Books.com, and Barnes and Noble.

I am sure you can use these services to get the textbook clutter out of your home, earn some cash, and reclaim that space. Hopefully, you can enjoy yourself, create a few great memories or enhance your bank account with the extra cash and not have to put it towards student loans ;-(

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress

According to the Cost of Wedding, the current US Wedding Dress average price ranges from $912–$1,520, depending on what state a person is buying their dress in. Selling your wedding dress can be a touchy subject.

There can be sentimental value and the thought of handing it down one day. That ugly bridesmaid dress is another issue. Get the estimated value at PreOwnedWeddingDress.com.

You can also list your dress at sites like BravoBride.com, BrideMaidTrade.com, Tradesy.com, NearlyNewlywed.com. If the price is right you may just turn that Wedding Dress into cash.

Smartphone Apps That Turn Clutter Into Cash

Are we just getting lazy? What can’t our smartphones do? When was the last time you actually made a call to your smartphone? Can you write down your best friend’s phone number now? Do you know your own phone number? Smartphones Are The Devil. LOL.

Smartphones may not be The Devil but it is true that you can sell your clutter from your smartphone. I know, it sounds a little strange but why not? Here we go:

Poshmark, allows you to buy and sell clothing just like you would on eBay.

Kidizen, focuses on upscale kids’ clothing.

OfferUp, Like Craigslist, this platform is meant for in-person exchanges.

Gazelle,  one of the oldest and most trusted exchanges for the latest Apple and other major brand gadgets.

Tradesy, a Popular place to sell outfits and accessories that have fallen out of your rotation.


You don’t have to be a living simple minimalist like me to have clutter under control. We all have clutter we need to get rid of.

I Downsize, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and Restore regularly but sometimes I would like to earn cash from the items I no longer want or need. I hope you are able to use some of these resources to turn your clutter into cash machines.



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5 thoughts on “Learn How To Turn Clutter Into Cash Machines and Simplify Your Life”

  1. It’s always a good feeling when we get to declutter and free some space to new and more useful stuff. Even better if we can make some money out of it.
    Thanks for the helpful tips and the websites we can use to sell all our items.

  2. Wow these are some awesome awesome websites Tony! I really needed this because I have a huge problem with clutter in my home. It’s not terrible but I think it could be better. This article was very useful to me, thanks.

  3. Thanks for your comment Kevin. Looks like you will be busy for the rest of the year. Moving is always an eye opener and is sometimes the tipping point that will push someone to become a minimalist. Good luck in editing down your unwanted stuff. Here is “The Easy Way To Become A Minimalist

  4. Great article…I love decluttering every now and then but do have the tendency to ‘find’ things and bring them home to do up and restore!
    I’ve done a few garage sales in the past, maybe it’s time to think about doing another and clear out some more of my junk.


    1. Thanks for your comment Suzanne. I decluttering schedule works for me. Do you really enjoy finding stuff and restoring it? I hope your are not me and just never get around to completing restoration projects. LOL

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