Make Living Simple an Evolution and Not a Cheesy Trend

Living Simple an Evolution

Living Simple an Evolution


Living simply seems to be a no-brainer. Living Simple living an evolution is arguably a more efficient less stressful way to live. When given a choice why do so many people choose not to?

Many people choose to work much more than necessary to take care of the essentials in their lives? Why do we brag about not sleeping due to working more?

How much do we really need to live? How much time and stress do we need to heap upon yourself to manage unnecessary possession?

Let’s take a look at why we as humans toil for things that have temporary happiness and neglect the things that have long-lasting peace and overcome it.

How Success Is Measured and Contradicts Living Simple an Evolution

I believe the problem starts with how many in our society measure success. First, we tend to measure success by profession. I believe success is also measured by how much money you earn or have.

One of the other measures of success is how much power you have. When a person has money and power they are considered extremely successful.

To give a basic example of what I am talking about, let’s say there is a lawyer that is a State Prosecutor. In most circles, that person would be considered successful due to the power they have.

Now let us look at a celebrity defense attorney. In many cases, this lawyer will earn many times more the income of the Prosecutor and be considered successful do that earning power.

Let us look at an actor or athlete, the celebrity lawyer may have as a client. They would in many cases earn much more than the celebrity lawyer and have a lot of power to boot. Our society the actor or athlete would be considered the most successful.

A Teacher, Policeman, Fireman, Registered Nurse, Biologist, Theoretical Physicist Farmer and many other people in other professions would be considered less successful than the examples above.

Hell is our society a reality star may be considered much more successful than the people that are employed in the professions just mentioned.

We may have our priorities mixed up. We should value people that add value to society, not just the rich and powerful. A reality star who starts fights and behaves badly on TV should be hanging their head in shame and not be proud to do so and earning many more times what a teacher earns.

What we value in many societies would make simple living unattractive no matter how much sense it makes to do so. The fast-paced, over-consumption, crash and burn lifestyle looks to be promoted as the way to live nowadays. Make Living Simple an Evolution and Not a Trend.





The Evolution To Living Simply

There is a simple living trend that is going on now. People are buying organic, shopping at thrift stores, Canning, using Cloth Diapers, planting small gardens and furnishing their homes with the very expensive minimalist decor.

This is not what I and talking about when I speak of The Evolution To Living Simply.

Doing all of those things but still working 50 and 60 hours a week to over-consume and buy unnecessary stuff at the malls each week is not it. That is called being trendy.

I must acknowledge that some people do those things as a necessity to save money they don’t have. There are others that do those things because they have spent money on other unnecessary possessions and still need the essentials to live.

Most professions will pay you enough to live. It is very difficult to be happy if you do not earn enough to provide for your basic needs. When being forced to live more simple than you are comfortable with doing to income is not the goal.

After meeting your basic needs how much time and stress are you willing to devote to acquiring and maintaining ever increasing unnecessary possessions? 50 or 60 hours work week? 10, 15 days on the road away from your family?

Would you be happier without the extra toys, shoes, handbags, clothes, outings and other possessions? Would you like to give up going to the mall just because you are bored and do something more meaningful?

Put greed, pride, and pomposity aside to make living simple possible. These human impulses can be a huge obstacle on the road to living simply. The benefits to your healthy living simple can provide will be immeasurable. Stress kills and spending more quality time with friends and family does not.

Ambition and the need to be a positive influence in the world should not be an obstacle to living simply.

You can do great work and be a positive influence on the world without accumulating unnecessary possessions that add stress to your life and take time away from the things you really love to maintain.

Living Simple an Evolution Is Cool

What is wrong with working a job and doing what you really like where you really like, for less money? Is it wrong to own a  small sensible wardrobe with a sensible amount of items?

What is wrong with having a smaller home where the family will interact with each other and not disappear in different parts of a larger home not to be seen for days?

Why heat and cool all those empty spaces or rooms that just house your unnecessary stuff? Stuff you may need or use, ONE DAY?

Downsize, reduce, reuse, recycle and restore your living simple an evolution lifestyle if necessary. You can do it. Make it a permanent part of your life and not just a trend. What parts of your life can you make more simple?



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