Do You Own Any Of The Clothing That is Killing People?

Clothing That is Killing People

Clothing That is Killing People


As a would-be Minimalist I have little in the way of clothing but even what I have may have indelible blood on it. The price other people pay for making clothing that is killing people around the world may be too high.

THEY ARE DYING TO DO SO. The death, abuse, neglect, and suffering many go through to produce fashionable clothing is a human tragedy. Did you know this was happening?

After viewing this video and doing follow-up research I feel like a spoiled brat. I try to practice a minimalist way of life and many are forced into a minimalist way of life that borders on death so that a few in our society can live an extravagant life. This is our society, we all are a part of it.

I believe what you allow to happen to others will eventually happen to you, your children, grandchildren or others you love. Forcing others to create clothing that is killing people is wrong ;-(

Sad that people are dying, suffering and being maimed just to produce our clothing. They are faced with the horrible choice of starving if they don’t work. Nearly starving when they do work. If they are maimed they are let go to starve then as there is no unemployment insurance or Social Security.

I guess the ones that die in the fires, building collapses and work accidents are the lucky ones.




I guess it is not just the fashion business with these problems. I remember Apple’s Foxconn Factories installing suicide nets around their buildings because the workers preferred to die rather than work in those conditions.

Foxconn City is a unit of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Company which employs up to 1.1million people in a series of huge factory complexes in China. How do you manage that many employees in a city that is solely dedicated to working people 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week? It must be a horrible life there.

A company I recently worked for had similar problems with the parent company in France. It was sad to learn of the deaths.

I believe Man’s inhumanity to man is fueled mainly by greed. I don’t think there is greed in minimalism. I don’t know if a minimalist lifestyle is part of the answer but it could sure help obsession with consumption and waste.

We all should slow down and help each other, share, and stop hoarding. In most cases, you already have what you need and there IS enough for everyone.

Do you own any of the clothing that is killing people?




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