Legendary Marketer Review: Possibly A Good Lifestyle Business Choice

Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer


Is Legendary Marketer a good Lifestyle Business choice? Will it allow you to build a business around your lifestyle instead of living your life around the way you earn a living? Is that even possible?

We all hear about people earning a good living online working from home (or from anywhere in the world). Is that something you would be interested in? Can Legendary Marketer help make that possible for you? I am sure you will find the answer to that question here if you continue.

I know you may have heard it all before and it’s increasingly difficult to weed out the scams from real opportunities. But that is only the first step.

The next step is to find out if that business opportunity is something you can do or is a good fit for you. Can you do it day in and day out for years? You are in luck because I have done the research for you.

I have laid out the Pros and Cons of Legendary Marketer to assist you in making a decision. Is it a real Lifestyle business opportunity or a SCAM? Please do not join this opportunity until you read this honest review.


What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an Affiliate Marketing training opportunity created by Dave Sharpe. The program offers many levels of Affiliate Marketing training from beginner to expert. A lot of training is well-produced easy to consume video training.

The most popular offering is a monthly Pro Account subscription for $30. This allows you full access to the products and services, like:

  • Live and virtual training
  • Monthly affiliate marketing classes
  • Marketing, sales and management training
  • Lead generation
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook fan page and groups marketing strategies
  • YouTube and Instagram marketing strategies

Legendary Marketer also provides traffic and lead generation training and resources like:

  • Banner Ads
  • Lead Capture page
  • Ad copy
  • Video promos
  • 45-day email sales copy sequence

What Other Products Does The Legendary Marketer Offer?

Legendary Marketer also offers a boatload of other high priced products. I had to recover from sticker shock when I saw the price of many of these products and services. Well, take a look for yourself:

  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle – $247 one time fee. Claims to teach how to take advantage of paid traffic sources like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN (Google Display Network) and Twitter.
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass – $2,500 one time fee. Claims to teach and focus on these main topics: Master of Enrollment, Attraction Code, Storytelling Formula, and Profitable Presentations.
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass – $5,000 one time fee. Claims to teach how to build a brand and become an influencer.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2,500 one time fee. Claims how to get set-up, learn about the affiliate business model and how to find products to promote.
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2,500 one time fee. Claims to teach how to channel your knowledge and passions to create and sell courses through video, audio, and print.
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $2,500 one time fee. Claims to take your knowledge and use it to coach others.


Is Legendary Marketer Affiliate Really Free to Start?

I probably should have mentioned it earlier but there is a basic free account available. I call it the affiliate Marketers account because earn up to 30% commissions on sales and referrals form personalized links and web pages. The Pro Account pays up to 60% commissions of sales and referrals from personalized links and web pages.

I believe The Pro account offers the most value, I chose it and proceeded with the 15 Day Challenge training. While completing the 15 Day Challenge training I learned more about other high dollar products and services offered.

The commission’s structure on these high dollar offerings promised great rewards. I began to feel more like a targeted customer than a member of the Legendary Marketer’s community.

I was somewhat disappointed with the amount of high dollar upsells presented. My advisor continued to present upsells costing a few thousand dollars.

I must admit the products made good affiliate marketing sense and sound good on paper. I am sure many people take the plunge and spend the money for fear of missing out on something good.

I am not sure that is for me ;-(

I believe there is a more economical option. Check Out My Best Recommendation!


How Do You Earn Money With Legendary Marketer?

There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing but this is what is stated on Legendary Marketer’s Income Disclaimer page.


The numbers below reflect estimates prepared by the company pending a more detailed survey to be conducted after its first year. The average annual gross income for Affiliates is projected to be between $500 and $2,000 based upon industry standards and company projections.


Now that we got that out of the way a Basic Affiliate earns a 10-30% commission rate and a Pro Affiliate earns a 40-60% commission rate. This is the breakdown:

  • Legendary Marketer’s Club – $18 Pro and $9 Basic
  • Traffic Rolodex – $98.80 Pro and $24,70 Basic
  • Affiliate Business Blueprint – $1,000 Pro and $250 Basic
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $1,000 Pro and $250 Basic
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $1,000 Pro and $250 Basic
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – $1,000 Pro and $250 Basic
  • Marketer Mastermind – $3,200 Pro and $800 Basic
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind – $4,800 Pro and $480 Basic.

There looks to be a huge opportunity to earn income here. I really believe that.


There may be a simpler way. Check Out My Best Recommendation!


What I Like About Legendary Marketer


Legendary Marketer teaches sound affiliate marketing principles that are proven to earn money online. Here are some of what I like about Legendary Marketer:

The Landing Pages – The landing and capture pages are wonderful. I am sure the video convert well. Beginners and experienced alike will find success using them.

High Ticket Offerings – The high ticket offerings and the equally high commission rates make this program attractive.

Business In A Box – I believe it is possible for a person to plug into the system and be successful.

What I Do Not Like About Legendary Marketer

Nothing against Legendary Marketer but there are a few things I did not like about it and here they are:

The Many Upsells – I know everyone would like to make money but there is a limit. I chose the Pro Account and was later hit with a $2000 upsell. I was told it was discounted from $8000.

The Self Promotion – I get it the owner and many of the members (employees) are proud of the program but there are hours and hours of self-promotion videos. I believe most people know in the first hour if they are in or out. LOL.

The Paid Traffic Route – The program and training focus on paid traffic. Even when successful paying for traffic is expensive and it is difficult to be successful. You will have to calculate that with all of the other monthly expenses.

I Do Not Want To Become An Employee – The training and resources are focused on you promoting Legendary Marketer products. That reminds me too much of a job. Even my advisor sounded like a company employee rather than an entrepreneur.

I Question The Longevity – I do not believe the business model is sustainable. I get a slight pyramid pump and dump vibe. I admit I may be negatively biased from past experiences but time will tell.


Unfortunately, Legendary Marketer is not for me. The owner is a very experienced network marketer. Sometimes that can be a two-edged sword.

I believe this is the case here. The training I received was great. I will assume the high priced training is equally as good but there is another side of the two-edged sword.

I believe Legendary Marketer’s programs are too focused on exhibiting their expertise they lose sight of the big picture. The owners built a great training system, unfortunately, I get a Multi-level marketing pyramid scheme vibe hard-selling fear of missing out approach.

The training and resources mainly focus on promoting Legendary Marketer and upselling to its members. To add insult to injury the products are highly overpriced in my opinion. Though I must say I did not purchase any of the upsells.

No, Legendary Marketer is not a SCAM! I believe it’s a perfectly good program and has its niche but it’s not for me. My initial thought was I would not feel comfortable promoting this program but since changed my mind.

Legendary Marketer may be great for someone with deep pockets that would like a program that shows you exactly what to do, step-by-step. Give Legendary Marketer a try for yourself.

I believe you can get similar training to become successful in building a lifestyle business at a fraction of the cost of Legendary Marketer. There are even free options that can give Legendary Marketer a run for its money.

If you like to avoid high pressure upsells and would like great training and highly active community Check Out My Best Recommendation!

That is what I think of Legendary Marketer let’s hear what you think in the comments below.


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