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  1. Hi Tony,

    You mention that anyone can write code for devices that can be mixed and matched to function with their Linux Home Automation system. I was wondering how many of these devices also operate on a linux platform. Do you find that it is considerable or only a small percentage of the market?

  2. David Vesely says:

    Hi Tony,

    that is cool! I knew that quite a lot of folks is playing with Raspberry Pi, to make their homes more future like, but I had no idea how many sophisticated products are out there! And totally reachable!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Tony,

    Wow! What a great selection of products to make my home elements available while I’m away! And the fact it uses open source coding only makes it more powerful.

    I assume there must be products that I would need to dovetail with these? For example, my thermostat currently is one of those types where I turn the dial to change the temperature (for heat only). So I’d replace that with a new one that can connect to the software?

    My air conditioners DO have remote control switches. So does that mean they would be programmable into these devices?

    I’m sure my garage door can be programmed, though how does the distance affect the device? My door opener is programmed into my auto, but I can’t open or close the door until I’m within a certain number of feet.

    I’ll have to do some further research to figure out what the best option would be for my home.

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions!


    1. Yeah, it can be confusing. The hardware and software can mix and match but that is half the fun.