Minimalist Living Cold Weather Taking Public Transportation or Driving?

cold weather

Cold Weather Taking Public Transportation


Yesterday was cold weather, icy and snowy. As I have been embracing minimalism I have been driving less and less. Have I been debating myself as to the benefit of taking public transportation in bad weather as opposed to driving? I have found both have its advantages but the advantages cannot be predicted from one situation to another.

For example, the last snow storm I had a job to do at Mac Arthur Airport In Ronkonkoma NY. This would have been a 2 1/2 hr drive for me in ice and snow with a waste of gas, traffic jams, and possible traffic accidents. I decided to take the Metro North train and sat in warmth and comfort for the 1 hr ride. The problem came when the bus I was to catch did not show up. I later found out that it slid off the road and crashed.

Another bus showed up 1 hour later and I arrive at my destination and repaired the problem I was called out for. The same thing has happened many times when I would drive to calls in snow storms where there were road closures and traffic accidents. Because of this, the question to dive or not to dive can be a toss-up.

Yesterday I decided to take The NJ Transit Train to south jersey for the trouble call I had. In the back of my mind, I knew this call would be canceled due to the storm. The call was set for 12:30 pm so I waited for the call but it did not come. So I headed out with my large Rooibos Tea to catch the train.

I am an introvert so using public transportation is fun for me as I get a chance to meet and greet people as I can not avoid it. I always notice that during bad weather police officers seem to prefer patrolling bus and train terminals more. LOL. As I buy my round-trip tickets, board the train and relax listening to my satellite radio I felt like a child when school is canceled for a snow day.

I felt this way even though I was heading to work because I was dry and warm and did not have to deal with the ice, snow, traffic, and driving. Well, you know what happened. I got the call from my dispatcher informing me that the trouble call was canceled. Then I just smiled to myself, took a sip of my Rooibos Tea and cranked up my radio.

I love the train as it is relaxing. The person seated ahead of me had a GoPro Camera attached to the window filming the ride. I should have been a beautiful recording and we passed a few water crossings and the snow and ice created a winter wonderland scene.

Again the debate for me was is there a benefit from leaning towards my minimalist, eco-sustainability approach to taking public transportation whenever possible and especially during cold weather. I believe I do because of all of the advantages I mentioned above. It just feels like the right thing to do and the best use of our resources. The train was going in that direction anyway and I just hitched a ride.


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