Important Missing Step Affecting Your Google SEO Success

Google SEO Success

Google SEO Success


Many people focus on the technical aspect of attaining Google SEO Success (Search Engine Optimization). You aim to master SEO to get your website or blog for the first-page search results for chosen keywords. Would you believe that even if you master the Google SEO Rubik’s Cube, it is still only half the battle to Google SEO Success?

There’s an important missing step to Google SEO Success that I believe many people miss. It is directly in front of everyone but still many miss it. You work to master the technical aspects Google search results SEO. You have Google figured out and you can anticipate its every move, but you may be missing a step that can rocket your website to the #1 position in search results.

Google SEO SuccessIs Using CTR

I don’t know why people are so surprised Google uses Click Through Rates (CTR) as metric to rank your website. It makes perfect sense. The more clicks you get the higher your site should rank. Duh! That is the needed human aspect of SEO. Well, deep down inside we always knew and that is why we do everything possible to make our sites SEO friendly. The click is the desired end result.

Even Google gives guidelines and tools to help you get your site to become SEO friendly. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are powerful free tools you should be used to assist in your quest for Google SEO Success. Even with these powerful tools, there is a very important missing step that many fail to take.

If you apply this simple missing step I am sure your website will jump several positions in Google search results over time. If you have pages and post that are ranking already you can go back and apply this important missing step to help you reach the #1 position and stay there. This important missing step will multiply your CTR and accelerate your Google SEO Success…

Can You Achieve Google SEO Success?

People achieve Google SEO Success every minute, of every day, of every week. Why not you and me? Once you have become SEO savvy this missing step can multiply success. This step is only a missing step after you have achieved some degree of SEO success. Even if you don’t have any SEO success right now, this missing step can help you, but some form of Google SEO success is required for best results.

You are going to kick yourself if you are not using this missing step to achieve Google SEO success. Here it is. Google loves CTR. Google is in the business of providing the most relevant information according to your search request. People clicking on that content is a great measure of how relevant information is in search results rankings.

If your site gets clicks your site moves up in rank as opposed to sites that get no clicks. You work hard to get your site on the first page in Google search results. Feel happy. Get traffic. You show your friends. Now what? Your work does not end there.

Take a good look at that page. Really take a good look at it. Why is your site #6 and not #1? Is the top result better than yours? Is that blog post better than yours? Probably not. I am not asking how it got to the first page. Asking why is it ranked higher than yours?

I am talking about how the missing step may be affecting your Google SEO Success. I am referring to just one step that many people miss. Why are people clicking that site and propelling it to the #1 ranking? What is causing yours to rank #6? It is the meta description! The meta description is the step many people miss. Yes! Hear me out.

So many people don’t spend the time to make the meta description a powerful SEO asset. Many people just let Google do it for them. That can be a mistake. Why do all of that work to get to the first-page result in a Google search and drop the ball? Once a visitor gets to the search results page they will click the meta description that is most powerful, that more fits their needs and speaks to their pain. Is that yours? Did you put in the work to make that happen? Would you click on your site over all of the other search results?

The Google Algorithm is just code. Many can design a website or blog to make love to the Google algorithm but miss the human aspect. The Google algorithm will rank a page the shows up in search results with a lackluster meta description or not even much of one at all. You have seen them and have not clicked on them. You need to speak to the human aspect in your meta description to get more clicks and drive your Google SEO Success.

Did you put much thought into your meta description? Are you losing the battle on the Google results first page because of your meta description? Those of you that have worked hard and have Google search results that show up on the first page just take a look. Can you write a better meta description? A meta description that would beat your immediate competition and win more clicks? More clicks yield more Google SEO Success.

Let’s Make It Better

Make better meta descriptions. It is easy and free. Many people don’t pay much attention to meta descriptions and get lazy when building a site, page or post for SEO. Speaking of the Google algorithm and learning the techie stuff is sexier. Concentrating on the sexy will get you noticed but that is only half the battle. You need more than a pretty face or a nice body (Wink, Wink). Content and substance will win every time and that power lies in the meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are the final piece of the puzzle and can not be overlooked. They get you clicks. Get’s you love. They don’t actually contribute to SEO but they enhance human interaction, that drives clicks, that contributes to SEO results. As of now, you have only 160 characters to work on your meta descriptions.

That is 2.5 sentences you can use to get more clicks on your website or blog. You will need to spend a lot of time thinking about how you want to come across to attract your ideal visitor. Use this time wisely and make it count. You may want to use a hook or an offer to differentiate your website from others you are competing within the search results.

Take the time to visualize your ideal visitor. Think of all the reasons that they would need your products and services. What are their pain points and how you can solve them? Now think of ways to use the best of those results to create a powerful meta description that will differentiate your website from the competition.

The potential visitor needs to know the benefit of clicking through to your website. Don’t just write anything that sounds good like offering world peace and eternal life, because the visitor may click through but they will be disappointed and quickly click away. You will get credit for the click but you will get dinged by Google for an elevated bounce rate. Remember that there is a lot of crappy content out there and visitors have a short attention span so make the 160 characters count. Make it true and relevant to what is on the website.


You work hard on your SEO. You produce great content. Get great Google search results. You have made it to page #1 in search results. Now, this is when the competition actually really begins. You are pitted against the world’s top 10 websites according to Google. What will differentiate your website from the 9 best in the world according to that web search?

Meta description! Don’t overlook them. They are the very important last step in getting the click through. Go back to your popular content and spruce them up. This should increase your Google SEO Success. Get more click and get better rankings.




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2 thoughts on “Important Missing Step Affecting Your Google SEO Success”

  1. Hi Tony
    Great Article. I’ve literally just gone and checked all the meta descriptions for all my posts and you’re right, they don’t look that appealing. Thanks a million for the heads up. I’ll be creating my own from here on out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jessie. I am happy you found some value in this post. I am sure you will be knocking them dead on page one in no time.

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