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  1. Hey Dogotek

    Nice article, I admit to having a lot of clothes I don’t really use and is like you said, it becomes a treasure hunt when you need to pick something quick and leave for work or out with friends.

    I do see the benefits of having a smaller wardrobe, but I’m a sentimental guy and tend to keep old clothes from when I was younger lol

    Great work on pointing out things we usually miss or confuse as something normal.

    1. Alright Ruben, it’s time to give those Batman PJ’s from your childhood to a young fan and put a smile on their face. You can stop buying clothing for a while to thin out your wardrobe to what you wear and really like or not. LOL. Think of the time and money you will save.

  2. Great article. Too many clothes has never been my problem but your article is informative and a good read.

    1. Thanks Jim. Clothes and fashion is not my thing either but I kept getting clothes for Christmas and Birthdays and ended up with too much clothes. LOL. All I ever brought was work clothing.